April 28th Limestone Tornados: As It Happened, A Tribute to Emergency Crews

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - This week marks one month since a line of tornadoes raked across Limestone County, killing 2, injuring more than 20, and either damaging or destroying more than 700 homes.

As the April 28th anniversary approaches, WHNT News 19 and Photojournalist Al Whitaker offer a tribute to the men and women who braved the storm to reach those who were trapped or injured. Al shot most of the video you're about to see.

The Limestone County Sheriff's Department routinely records the traffic over their two-way radios. Sheriff Mike Blakely and his staff made those tapes available from that night, between emergency dispatchers and deputies in the field. It gives us the opportunity to share an up close look at the impact of those tornadoes in Limestone County.

Sheriff Blakely and his deputies, along with countless volunteer firefighters and EMTs, continued to work out in the open through at least two other tornado warnings to reach those who were trapped or injured by the first storm.

Lives were forever changed that day, and while tremendous progress has been made, it's going to be a long road to recovery.


  • Brandi Paustian

    I will say that after the first tornado we came out of the storm shelter we were in on Hardy Rd and Sheriff Blakely did come down our road, slow down and yell up to check and make sure we were
    all ok and then told us that another tornado was heading our way.

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