UPDATE: I-65 Lane Reopens After Closure From Sinkhole

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - It was a rough start to Memorial Day weekend travel plans for thousands of motorists stuck for hours in bumper to bumper traffic on I-65 due to a sinkhole that developed Friday afternoon.

Traffic was backed up on I-65 southbound from Hartselle to Priceville with some drivers reporting delays of almost an hour and a half.

The sinkhole formed  just south Exit 328 on the inside southbound lane of I-65.  Traffic is currently at a complete standstill for miles.  In a Skype interview, Matt Kroschel reports traffic is backed up to the Decatur exit on I-65.  Alabama Department of Transportation crews continue to repair the sinkhole damage.

Crews say a motorist reported hitting a "pothole" causing some damage to her car Friday afternoon, but by the time crews got to the area they discovered the sinkhole. Once workers cleared the pavement they discovered the hole was about eight feet deep. It's not clear what caused the sinkhole but crews filled it with large rocks and new pavement.

Alabama State Troopers say the expect the road to be back open fully soon. Check HERE for current road updates from ALDOT.



  • A Fine Grit

    No, this is a different sinkhole. The other one affected the northbound lanes closer to Priceville on I-65 North.

  • Annette Johnson

    This happened at 4:45. I believe that the state troopers should have already closed southbound at Priceville and rerouted traffic LONG before now. My daughter is in the back up and cars are not moving AT ALL !!!! Come on state troopers…….get it cleared up already !

  • David Wray

    Yes, the first was the north bound lane, right at the downgrade of 65 between the Hartselle and Priceville exits. I live about 3 miles from the first one, and you can drive down Bethel Rd and drive right up where they dumped the rocks. This new one is just past the Highway 36 exit going south. Two completely different areas.

  • Jackie

    I live about a mile from here. The fist one was in the right northbound lane about halfway between Hartselle and Priceville. This one is on the southbound side closer to Hartselle. You can bypass it by using 31 south or Bethel Rd.

  • Ano N. Ymous

    I feel this correction must be made:

    “If it had not been discovered when it WAS”

    The sinkhole did not “do” its discovery, but rather it was discovered.

    People working in news media should have a college degree which certifies they understand how to properly use the English language…
    Am I the only person who thinks this is ridiculous for someone who’s in a media profession?

    If not for your own dignity as an aspiring member of the media, at least use correct grammar for the sake of the less educated who need your positive grammatical influence. Are you surprised our children are showing diminishing levels of intelligence and classroom aptitude?

    That or the station should hire someone to edit the copy… preferably someone who knows the difference between who and whom or how to effectively use active and passive voice symmetrically over the length of a single sentence.

    • Jim

      How convienent that you are such an expert on the english language and its usage Ano N. Ymous…Such a clever moniker for a troll maybe you should consider renaming yourself Sniper. If you dont have anything better to add than gramattical critique the stories then dont comment at all. All you are doing is sniping for your own benefit.

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