Shoals Dog Heads North After Long Journey

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala (WHNT) – Ambrose, a pit bull, has seen the worst, but is playful and full of life. Something Debby Nelson says took time.

"I am so proud of him. He has really worked hard. And he's gotten a lot of correction because I wanted him to be the best he can be. It's so easy for Ambrose to make a mistake and when that happens he's down and he's gone. But we couldn't let that happen and never did," said Nelson.

Debby met Ambrose about three months ago. Back then he looked nothing like he does now.

He was found beaten and left to die. He had to have his leg amputated and have one eye removed because of the abuse. Debby knew his recovery process would be lengthy, so she took him in.

"Dogs with an amputation are so interesting. We've had three. And they get their leg removed and they get down and walk. Now they may stumble around a little bit, but not like humans. Ambrose stumped a few times, but he was just so happy because all the infection was gone," said Nelson.

Time passed and Ambrose healed, both physically and emotionally. And then it was time to find him a home.

"I really prayed deeply for someone, who was the perfect person, to want Ambrose,” said Nelson.

With the help of social media and the organization, Kindred Hearts, Ambrose will be heading to Long Island, New York. And because of his struggle, volunteers joined forces to get him there comfortably. A true blessing for Ambrose and a lesson his foster mom will never forget.

"If you stay angry, then you used all you energy and all your emotions in that angry. And you don't move forward. And so we have to let it go," said Nelson.



  • Sue

    Ambrose looks so sweet and nice! I am so glad this beautiful dog found a good home. I will never understand anyone treating a pet so cruel but so happy he was saved. The hard work of Ambrose and Debbie has paid off. Everyone who helped Ambrose are ANGELS!!!

  • Debby Nelson

    The dog fighting monsters have not been located but there are a lot of local law enforcement officers that will not let it go. They have received many tips and are investigating these reports. I also got a call from the local fire department. My son is a fireman locally and a man turned in a tiny pit bull puppy with a large bite on his head. The firefighters paid for this angel to go to the emergency vet because it was a Sunday. This angel did not make it. His skull was crushed and infection was in his brain. I feel sure that this same ring of dog fighters had this puppy there readying him to a fighter too and he was injured. These people are nothing but unethical greedy monsters who use innocent animals for their pleasure and greed. Debby Nelson, Ambrose’s foster mom

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