Sarah Palin Helps Send New Hope Grads Into Real World

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin may have drawn more attention than usual to New Hope High School's Commencement Wednesday night, but as one woman in attendance said, she would not have been able to come see Palin, it if were not for those 77 seniors.

Approximately 6,000 people watched the New Hope Class of 2014 graduate.

Senior class president Leah Tabor told the crowd that the extra audience members just meant that she had the opportunity to let six times the people know how great New Hope is.


New Hope is a town of roughly 2,800 and its small town nature is what many of its residents say make it special.

"We've got a small town school and that's what I love about it," said New Hope senior Camden Brewer. "Everybody knows each other."

The seniors will soon move on from their familiar town, the town that helped shape their dreams for the future.

"It's just really cool to be able to share so many memories with your class and get to share a final one with them," said New Hope senior Leah Glover.

New Hope's guest speaker, Sarah Palin, also shared a similar childhood to the seniors.

She told the grads that she was the only thing standing between them and their tickets to a brighter future, their diplomas.

"No need to remember the speaker tonight," said Palin. "I want you to remember just a bit of what I'll share though. Congratulations to you all. Go forth and conquer but do not be afraid to fail."

With diplomas in their hands and a message of hope in their hearts, the 77 New Hope seniors enter the real world armed with the power of small town dreamers.

"I mean it's one of the last times we'll all be together and it's definitely sad," said New Hope senior Casey Rickles, "but at the same time I know we're all going to do great things."


  • Tom

    I was glad to be able to be in attendance to see New Hope’s Class of 2014 graduate. The guest speaker, Sarah Palin provided good direction and gave a good speach, but I was more proud to hear the young women that graduated tonight.

    Each of them spoke proudly about honoring God, country, and community. I took in all that Sarah had to say, and was happy to hear her, but was more proud of these young graduates who are our future leaders. These young women that spoke did a fantastic job of recapping their bond to each other, and I look forward in hearing of their future endeveours.

    Congrats to all of the Graduated Class of New Hope High School – Class of 2014! You may come from a small town, but you have stores of big ideas, adventures and successes ahead of you.

  • Exodus E Exodus

    this down to earth Warrior of a Leader shared great WISDOM with these young people in Alabama … and that phrase she used, ” G-d’s got your back” … is so true, a paraphrase of the sentiment in Romans 8 v 31 ~> “If G-D be for us, then who can be against us?”

    Go forth and CONQUER … and do not be afraid to fail …

    #BeClingers ———————-> #AmericaRISING

  • Tom

    I can’t agree with you more, Exodus… she did put out great words, but I was just, if not more, impressed with the words of those fine graduates as they too, mentioned love of their God, Country and Community.

    Wednesday night those fine young graduates showed me that they are ready to go forth and conquer. I’m not going to be surprised if one of those ‘kids’ grows up acheiving high goals.

    The problem this country has had for the past few years isn’t that we aim to high and miss, it’s that we aim to low and hit!

    Once again, congratulations New Hope Class of 2014!

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