Sarah Palin Gives Commencement Speech at New Hope Graduation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - New Hope High School students had a graduation to remember Wednesday night.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin delivered the commencement speech for the 77 seniors of the New Hope High School Class of 2014 at the Von Braun Center.

Sarah Palin told the crowd that the thing she liked about New Hope was how important guns, God, and the Constitution are--and that made the former VP candidate and husband Todd feel right at home.

Say what you will, Sarah Palin knows how to work the room.

"These students are not afraid to evoke their Faith. Do you know how politically incorrect that is? I'm proud of you for that--to not be afraid. To stand up for what you believe in,” Palin said.

Pailn told the New Hope 2014 graduating class to not fear failure because failure there is opportunity.

“Take chances that only America provides. The opportunity to work hard and to expect to be rewarded for your work ethic,” she said.

And Palin told the seniors to never give up.

“Life will throw you curveballs. Throw them back. Harder and faster. Take it from me, you will be glad you did,” she said.

Palin, an Alaskan native, said she liked the VBC because it was a hockey arena.


    • Branko Pezdi

      NOPE!!! In this case the word “me” is the object of the preposition “for”, thus her usage is entirely correct and you are dead wrong. Obviously you have been educated at a government school, so it’s likely that you do not even know the meanings of grammatical terms such as “preposition” and “object”. “You and I” is one of the most misused phrases in the English language, constantly mangled by people who think they are SOOOOO smart (such as yourself). Your attempt as a smarmy lib to attack Sarah Palin as intellectually inferior has ZAPPED you. As you apparently would state, go “do something for I” and brush up on your grammar. ROTFL!

      • me

        i went to “government schools” and i was taught everything you just said? what is your point? were you “christian homeschooled”? is this why you sound so idiotic?

  • Codger

    Thanks, Branko–you beat me to the punch (or the keyboard). Not only did you nail the grammar, you perfectly expressed my feelings about the misinformed attack libs who ignore the message and go for personal attacks, usually based on wrong information.

    • Branko Pezdi

      The one thing libs do not lack is chutzpah. They constantly attack the motives and intellect of conservatives, all while having as their paragons intellectual midgets such as Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. It would be amusing if these people were not being so successful at destroying the Constitution and the very foundations of this country. Successful liberal politicians are all Class A personalities, supremely skilled at acquiring and holding on to power, and the Left equates this quality with intellectualism and smarts. Truly grotesque.

  • Phil

    Is this the same Sarah Palin who doesn’t know where Russia is? Is this the same Sarah Palin who is a full Tea Partyer. She got over on this group .They paid her multiple thousands to say what a 12 yr old could say. Is this the same Sarah Palin who supports voter restriction laws for minorities and the underprivileged?

    • Branko Pezdi

      We will not play your game. The standard liberal M.O. is to put out falsehoods and then attempt to constrain any dialogue with these lies. It was the Saturday Night Live caricature of Sarah Palin that began the meme you so willingly swallow that Sarah Palin does not know where Russia is, the same Sarah Palin, incidentally, who several years ago warned your b-buddies Obama and Hillary about Putin. The Tea Party is a grassroots movement, not an organized entity paying anyone to give speeches. Her common sense straight talk (e.g. “death panels”) eerily comes true over and over again, and runs rings around the nonsense that you leftists spout constantly. Voter ID laws do not restrict any legitimate American citizen from voting and neither you nor any other brainwashed leftist can come up with one concrete example where a “minority” person (defijned as “Black Democrat” or “Latino Democrat” in the liberal jargon) eligible to vote has been prevented from doing so. Why are you liberals against integrity in the American voting system? What is wrong with you people? Go away.

      • paul

        Blanko strikes again with the same lies he’s been rappin for 5yrs! Death panels, YOU FOOL! I will say this to all my christain conservative hypocritical brothers and sisters, short for HATERS; guess what? YOUR President, you know, the Kenyan Socialist that was elected TWICE by the American people, except for klan members like yourself; has two more years in office and theres not a thing you can do about it, understand? THERE IS NOTHING, let me repeat, NOTHING you or your klan buddies can do about it! And you want to know whats wrong with people? YOU, and thought processes like yours, are hurting this country!

    • TruthLivesHere

      What would Hillary Clinton have talked about? How screaming “What difference does it make?” will get you everything in life?? Maybe, just maybe, Nancy Pelosi could have spoken about a 30-hour work week and the finer points of writing poetry. Lois Lerner would have been an inspiration to all graduates wanting to plead the fifth later in life.

  • David sutton

    Have you people read your childish remarks . Sounds like three year olds arguing . Who care if her English was correct?
    She is still smarter than 100% of the left wing nut jobs that think they know everything. They are the one who can’t think of anything to say that means anything so they criticize her grammar .
    How stupid is that I bet the one doing the correcting has spoke English without error all his life.
    I hope he can find type-0s in my message because I don’t give a rats butt if he does .facts is I hope there is a few that makes me human . Not God he was the perfect one remember.

    • Matt (@castlemischief)

      I would think that a woman speaking at the graduation ceremony for a public school would be able present herself as having at least the schooling to speak like she had passed 12th grade English. It’s common sense, actually.

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