Prosecutors Reveal Disturbing Details About Abuse Charges Against Guntersville Soccer Coach

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David Jacobs Barrow (Photo: Madison County Jail)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Wednesday afternoon, prosecutors revealed disturbing information about the charges against the Guntersville High School Girls’ Soccer Coach accused of Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking.

David Barrow was arrested on May 9, shortly after coaching the Guntersville High School girls’ varsity team at the State soccer semifinals in John Hunt Park.

Barrow faces three counts of sexual abuse 1st degree and one count of human trafficking 1st degree, according to jail records obtained by WHNT. Kristian Griffin was also arrested in connection to this case, and is facing charges for conspiracy to commit sexual abuse of a child less than 12.

***Editor’s note: the following information could be disturbing to some

New details released Wednesday reveal Barrow is accused of having a girl under the age of 12 brought to his house, making nude pictures of her, and touching her chest and genitals with his hands.

The complaint also says Barrow “knowingly, obtain, recruit, entice, solicit, induce, threaten, isolate, harbor, hold, restrain, transport, provide or maintain [one and/or two girls] for the purpose of causing them to engage in sexual servitude.”

Barrow is accused of paying to have the two girls brought to his residence for the purpose of filming them and sexually abusing them.

The Guntersville City School Board has suspended David Barrow from his coaching position, pending outcome of his charges.


    • Concerned citizen

      IF the charges are true, you’re right. Only one side has been presented so far. The other adult charged has a history of arrests and cannot be trusted. Let this man have his day in court. Remember…in this country, we are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

  • soldier

    what could cause someone to do such things. especially someone so successful and a stand out in so many peoples lives. i just shudder when i think of the monsters like jerry sandusky. so many people standing up for this guy. if he is proven guilty then i would sumise there are other victims.

    • Michael

      Who is defending him on here? All anyone that has any idea how our judicial system works is saying is that he deserves his day in court, and that he’s innocent until proven guilty.

      BTW, if Barrow’s allegations against the police turn out to be true and that ends up killing the case? Well, lets just say there’s going to be some angry people. I just hope that anger is directed where it should go.

  • Teresa Shelton Martin

    Who is it that he paid to bring him these girls and why are they not charged? Did he pay his wife to do this? Is that why she was charged? Why are we not seeing more of her charges?

    • Concerned citizen

      Mr. Barrow’s wife was not charged. Read the facts. This woman with a history of drugs use is the woman who’s made allegations and who has been arrested. His wife has had nothing to do with any of this.

  • Jeanne

    These monsters specialize in hiding in plain sight. The woman who apparently helped in supplying the victim is just as guilty. Why? Was it money?

  • Geo

    The people standing up for this guy is not his friends, they are his enablers. Thats right bleeding hearts, YOU are the ones that turn a blind eye and let people like him get away with so much for so long. Count yourself as a staunch supporter if you must but its because of people like you that enables people like him to do the things they do.

    • Jesse

      You are right (sarc) because guilty until proven innocent is the way it should be right?
      If he is guilty then hang him but until he is tried in court and not the media he is pressumed innoccent or at least that is the way our legal system was supposed to work. Obviously the police have something on him but its not the LEOs job to prosecute him. Its not the medias job to convict him and its not your job to judge him until he is convicted in court. That is not supporting anything but the law.
      So I hold my judgement until the case is resolved. If that is enabling him then I suppose you need to read what enabling means but I prefer to follow the ideals this country was founded under rather than what it has become, enabled by people like you. Just saying.

      • Branko Pezdi

        “rather than what it has become, enabled by people like you.”

        What exactly is this supposed to mean?

      • Jesse

        Hummmm Branko, Reread the post I responded to and then read mine again. If you cant figure it out then you might be one of those people.

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