Madison County Enters Mosquito Season, Fogging Begins

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Orkin releases a top-twenty list of mosquito plagued areas, and the Huntsville-Decatur zone comes in at number seventeen.

Meanwhile, a pump circles water in a shed in the back of Madison County's Vector Control office.  Here they breed mosquito fish to try to scratch the itch for a big weapon against the mosquito problem

They already dispatch trucks and fog around the county to keep the population under control.

Department surveillance detected earlier this week that mosquito season has officially begun. Don't worry about it getting all 1984 in the Vector Control office though. Public Health Environmentalist Cheryl Clay describes their hands on approach to surveillance, "The method we use is a landing rate count, where we basically just stand in an area, we wait until we expel enough carbon dioxide until the mosquitoes have detected us in the area, and then we count how many mosquitoes land on us in a minute."

Results and bug bites had them out and spraying on Monday of this week.

While they've got the wanted posters up on the walls, they aren't sure how Orkin determined Huntsville to be one of the top-twenty worst cities for mosquitoes.

In general though, southern locales do need more robust defenses than other areas.

Clay explains, "The warmer it is the longer part of the year, the more problems you'll have with mosquitoes."

Thankfully, we might get some mercy this year.

"We did have a cooler spring this year," notes Clay, "The mosquitoes have been detected in all areas of Huntsville, but they're not as high as they were this time last year."

In the meantime, they'll keep up the good fight, and keep working on new weapons.

You can find more information here. You can also find the last time your area got fogged on this map.


  • jesusdidntgiveuponme

    How do I find out the schedule for spraying in my Section? I know the fog is supposed to be safe but I still don’t want to be outside when it is. Thanks!

  • DrTerry

    The synthetic pesticides used in fogging are dangerous to humans yet mosquitoes are becoming immune. Be vigilant and know when your area is to be sprayed. Do not venture outside for several hours to give the fogging time to settle or avoid the area altogether. Instead, protect yourself with natural, safe products such as Greenbug or cover your skin during peak mosquito times (dawn and dusk). Cumulative exposure to toxic chemical pesticides is far worse than mosquito bites.

  • Janos Poleretzky

    The picture dipicted in the news story is not a mosquito. The picture is that of a flying insect related to the moths. The error is common because it has the appearance of a mosquito.It is a crane fly (Tipula vernalis).

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