EFI Automotive To Move North American Headquarters To Elkmont, Create 125 Jobs

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ELKMONT, Ala. (WHNT) - A Limestone County company is about to hang the help wanted sign in the window. EFI Automotive, in Elkmont, announces a $2.6 million dollar expansion that will mean at least 125 new jobs.

County officials say it's just as important to announce the expansion of existing industry as it is to announce a new industry. County Commission Chairman Stanley Menefee says it means that existing industry has found a favorable climate for growth. And Tuesday morning, Elkmont's EFI Automotive announced they are doing just that.

EFI Automotive, also known as the Electrifil Corporation, came to Elkmont about 10 years ago. They produce electronic and electromagnetic systems for the automotive industry across the globe. The company expanded its operation here two years ago, and is now bringing its North American corporate headquarters to Elkmont.

"We are soon to start construction on our new office which will house not only the offices for the North American headquarters but also our development labatory and facilities for employees," according to HR Manager Lynn Lane.

The $2.6 million dollar project is expected to get underway this summer, but no word yet on when the company will begin filling the new jobs being created. Elected officials in both Elkmont and Limestone County say they couldn't be happier with the announcement.

"Thats the best form of induatrial development nearly you can have as your companies, to me, expanding and growing and doing well," Limestone County Commission Chairman Stanley Menefee told WHNT News 19.

The Elkmont Town Council Monday night approved a property tax abatement and a one-time sales tax abatement in order to seal the deal with EFI. This expansion means EFI will become one of the county's top five industrial employers.