Florence Leaders Meet With Residents To Discuss New Road Project

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - The new mile long reconstruction project on Wood Avenue is scheduled to start later on this year.  While the project is still in its beginning stages, residents are concerned.

The concerns range from how the city is going to maintain the street's historic look to drivers speeding down the street. Resident Van Morgan says, while many of his questions haven't been answered, he's glad the city acknowledges the residents’ concerns.

"We certainly put the issues on the agenda. So that hopefully by the time the project starts it will be an answer to it," says Morgan.

City leaders say the project will cost four million dollars and the state will cover eighty percent of the project through a state grant. Council president Dick Jordan says he plans to keep residents up to date and make sure they aren't left out of the loop.

"I'm glad to do this and I hope it will bring everybody up to date. We just want to be transparent and informative," says Jordan.

The project is scheduled to start in the fall. City leaders say the project should take about a year to complete.