Zombies Invade Morris Middle for Outdoor Fun

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – No, there wasn’t a zombie apocalypse in Huntsville Saturday.  The Seminole Boys & Girls Club actually hosted it’s first annual ‘Zombie Recess Run at Morris Elementary.

Kids and parents dressed up as zombies and worked their way through an obstacle course. It was an event to bring out the kids’ creative side and get out and be active for the day.

The Boys & Girls Club of North Alabama has recognized a growing concern about the declining state of physical fitness and healthy habits among today’s youth and saw an opportunity to foster a physical, mental and fun challenging event that will spark encouragement towards a healthy positive change in their lives. From this notion, the Zombie Recess Run was established.

The kids will got flag football flags and then they ran, jumped, crawled and climbed their way through the obstacle course as zombies attempt to grab their flags. It encouraged fun, creativity, confidence, sportsmanship, and positive social interactions with both physical and mental challenges.

Boys & Girls Club leaders say the overall goal was to remind the youth that they can have fun with physical fitness and all it takes is the will to do it and some creativity.