Shots Fired Into Occupied Car In Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – ┬áPolice in Huntsville responded to a late night call about shots fired into an occupied car.

Police say a woman was driving on Mastin Lake Road when an unknown person shot into her car.

Police found a bullet hole in the passenger side window frame as well as the driver’s door.

No one was hurt.




  • Jim

    Come on, lets just get this all over with. Everyone who wants to shoot someone, lets just set a place for everyone to meet and let them line up like they did in the napoleonic times 2 lines of people facing each other and let them shoot it out until only 1 left standing. Maybee this would be a better solution than having all these thugs running around shooting people all the time…

    • LAC

      Orbjust stay out of north Huntsville. I will be glad when the good citizens in north Huntsville, and that is most of them, reclaim their neighborhoods from the small minority of thugs that ruin them.

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