Highway 431 Backed Up After Wreck at Cave Spring Road

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) –  Highway 431 was down to one lane after a wreck that happened around 4:30 Saturday afternoon between Owens Roads and New Hope.

Two cars collided at the intersection of Cove Spring Road. Law enforcement tells WHNT no one was hurt badly. They say one person was trapped for a short time, but was freed with no trouble.

Traffic was  down to one lane for about about an hour while officials cleared the scene.



  • Politically Correct

    Those officers in that speed trap will chase you for three miles over the speed limit. They are rude and their chief has about two girlfriends in addition to his wife. They certainly have their morals. One was even arrested for domestic violence and he too has a girlfriend at the local store in addition to his wife, they finally got rid of the drunk cop.

  • nathan wellman

    This was two Madison county sheriff’s and only one OXR officer. And this was a fail to stop to the point of spike strips

  • jimmy

    Hide behind a fake name and sling mud all you want too but yall need more cops then you have yall drive like a idiot on 431 POLITCALLY CORRECT

  • Jimmy, but the not the first Jimmy in these postings!

    I may have to agree with PC on that one. Having lived in downtown OCR for 25 years, they always been over zealous in the conquest for another ticket for the quota. They will flat out run you over or out of the way to catch their CRIMINAL. The idiot in the Ford Expedition is gonna roll that thing one day the speeds he gets up to. Well anyway, was this a police chase or not? Did 19 do a follow up? Did an innocent person get crashed from the officers pursuit? what caused this pursuit? Also, since PC hid behind a name, I will just call myself Jimmy. Worked for the earlier poster!

  • mike

    Its funny how ppl get on here and say things about the officers but who do they call when they need something? The Police!!! I also find it funny how they get on here and make statements that they have no clue about.

  • Steve G

    So it’s amazing how people say things such as he has 2 girl friends and a wife..why don’t you name the girlfriends since you know this about him. Also, if someone was to need a police officer in a hurry for a burglary, wouldn’t you want the officers to get there in a hurry to catch the person burglarizing your store or home. If your child were being beaten up would’t you want the officers to get there quickly? Just wondering why when the officers in this town do good, and try to make our town more safe, they are cheating or doing something wrong.

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