Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life At Huntsville’s Relay For Life

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- Cancer survivors, caregivers, families and friends gathered at John Hunt Park in Huntsville Friday night for the annual Relay for Life.

This year's theme for the event was dubbed Huntsville's biggest slumber party.

"The idea is to keep a team member on the tracks at all times because cancer never sleeps," said volunteer Suzie Sanders.

The night's carefree festivities offered an escape for those currently fighting cancer.

"There are days when things aren't a lot of fun," said cancer survivor Cheryl Hallmark, "so you have to look for something that gives you that smile and that hope."

Hallmark was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012.

"The C-word is traumatic," said Hallmark.

Celebration, not cancer, was the real c-word Friday night's Relay for Life was all about.

Celebrating those who defeated cancer and those who continue to fight.

Hallmark has been cancer free for the last year and a half.

"The last six months have just been awesome," said Hallmark. "I'm getting back to my old feisty self and it's good again."

She only had enough strength for one lap last year, but this year she had much loftier goals.

"If I can do 20 this year, that's great," said Hallmark.