Saban Not Happy With Pat White Question

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - Alabama coach Nick Saban, during a Nashville stop of the Crimson Caravan today, was asked about a vague recruiting accusation against the Crimson Tide made by former West Virginia quarterback Pat White on social media. The allegation referred to a period during the the early 2000s when Saban was head coach at LSU.

A Nashville reporter broached White's claims of improper offers in the recruiting process. Alabama spokesman Jeff Purinton stepped in and said Saban was not with the program at the time of White's recruitment.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    The SEC is the NFL now so get ready for more to be revealed as the college players become paid employees of the colleges as well ALL the atheletes will be at all the colleges once this has begun at Northwestern.

  • B

    I personally think the athletes should be paid some money, but all paid evenly. They don’t really have time for a job if their classes, going to practice/games, and studying all the time. Without financial help there’s no way…
    However it is illegal for now, so I hope it’s not happening. But that’s a law that needs to be rethought a little.

  • Juan

    who cares what dick saban thinks? ban ALL sports and stop paying these idiots millions of dollars. this is NOT news!

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