Judge Orders Father to Stop Having Kids Because of $100K Owed in Child Support

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ELYRIA, Ohio — An Ohio appeals court has upheld a judge’s order that a deadbeat father can’t have more kids until he pays back child support, according to WJW Fox 8.

Asim Taylor owes nearly $100,000 in child support payments. He pleaded guilty to charges in 2013.

“I take care of my children. I just don’t pay through child support,” Taylor said.

A Lorain County judge sentenced him to five years probation for not paying the support to his four children. He also ordered him not to have any more children in the meantime.

“The defendant is ordered to make all reasonable efforts to avoid impregnating a woman during the community-controlled period or until such time the defendant can prove to this court that he is able to provide for his children that he already has,” said Judge James Walther of Lorain County.

Taylor appealed the judge’s order, saying it infringed on his fundamental rights. His lawyer said the judge is essentially trying to take away his client’s right to have sex.

The decision this week by the 9th District Court of Appeals didn’t provide an opinion about whether the judge’s order was appropriate. Instead, the appeals court said it didn’t have enough information to decide the merits of the case without a copy of the pre-sentence report detailing Taylor’s background.

Here is more coverage of this story from our Cleveland station, WJW Fox 8.



    • mamac

      Amen…It takes two to tango.So, the state needs to step in and take all the womens female parts OUT but one ovary.That way the state want have to pay for hormone pills.Then take the guy and cut tie burn whatever they do to not ever have anymore kids..I know a women told me once said I will have kids just so I can stay at home and get food stamps..And that is what she is doing she is able to work but she likes sitting home getting paid for nothing.While me and all the other hard working people work our butts off for someone like that.Now, is that “FAIR”

  • Holly

    His child support was ordered based on him income. If he would have been paying his child support as he stated he took care of his children in another way instead of paying support then he wouldnt be so far behind. My daugter’s children’s dad support was based on his income to and he dosent pay all either so he is steadily getting behind and dosent do much for these children either, so all I can say is pay what your ordered or do quit having kids!!!!!!!

  • Shell M

    What does OBAMA has to do with a man that hasn’t paid his court ordered child support? What’s done is done.. and you can’t change HISTORY.

  • daniel

    “a right to have sex”- where is that in the bill of rights. having sex is not a right it is a privilege granted by mutual consent. As with all privileges it has responsibilities and obligations.

  • Bill

    In the State of Alabama,if your child support payments get behind more than $40,000.00 you have a court hearing to determine your fate. If one finds themselves being sent to jail while paying child support make sure you get a lawyer. If not, your child support payment requirements continue…..with interest!!!! It’s like credit card debit, you can NEVER catch up.

  • Skillpot

    Well, now, seems the Judge’s ruling is liken unto telling a child not to touch the heater, or hot water? Best to cut his cords, or castrate!

    Now, as I have stated many times elsewhere, once a woman has her first child, out of wedlock, tie her cords!

    • Sam

      Skillpot- Why tie a woman’s cords just because she has had a child out of wedlock? Just because a woman has a child and no husband does not automatically mean she can not financially support herself and her child.

  • mamac

    He can have all the sex he wants.He just needs to take measures in NOT BEING ABLE TO impregnating a woman..And to make sure the woman had a form of birth control .My aunt DIDN’T want children.So, she used the pill, diaphragm,and other means and made her husband use condoms..So, I don’t want to hear it don’t work.Use all forms cause now my aunt is in her middle 50’s and she still don’t have children.

  • jimmy

    A man or woman should pay chile support but when one gets behind what gives the state the right to tack on twenty five percent interest ? i would like to see the law on the books that gives them that right

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