MicroTouch One Shave Setup a Deal

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It’s an old school razor.

The MicroTouch One Classic Safety Razor has a classic style.

It’s not a high-tech blade with the futuristic Star Trek design that many razors have now.

It’s the old school razor blade that your dad or granddad might have used.

The funny thing about this safety razor is it’s designed by one of the guys from Pawn Stars.

Luckily it’s not Chumlee.   Chumlee with razor blades is a scary thought.

Here is how the MicroTouch works.

The razor blade has a handle that unscrews on the bottom. As you unscrew the bottom, it release “clamps” on the top.

Once the clamps are open, you take a real razor blade and drop it on top. There is a slot in the middle the razor blade fits over.

You then tighten the clamps down on the razor and that holds the sharp edge in place.

It’s an old school sort of device.

Old school.

John Wayne. Johnny Unitas. Johnny Bench.

I like it.

I tried it after not shaving for a few days and it worked great.

The MicroTouch One Classic Safety Razor works pretty well. We like it.