Possible Lawsuit Involving Proposed Gay Nightclub in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- The owner of the building that once housed the Plush Horse club is now considering suing the city.

According to our news partners at The Huntsville Times/Al.com, in a public hearing last week, the Huntsville City Council voted against granting a liquor license to a gay nightclub that wants to move in the vacant building on Golf Road.

The owner of the building, Dewey Brazelton, said he is considering suing the city for discrimination against homosexuals and interfering with his plan to lease the space to a nightclub called "Club Upscale."

"[We] already we got it in the works, I think [my dad's] gonna handle it when [he] gets back from vacation," said Jay Brazelton, son of Dewey and also an owner of the property.

City zoning officials recommended against the liquor license, citing a lack of parking spaces in relation to the maximum building occupancy set by the fire marshal's office.

Since then, the Brazeltons have added more parking spaces.

"When the councilman told us we didn’t have enough parking places, we went out there and restriped the parking lot, and we came up with a figure of 358 parking places," said Brazelton.

City leaders also balked at the proposed club after community members claimed previous clubs attracted noisy patrons, litter, drugs, and occasional violence.


  • Str8t but Happy Camper

    The bar with the dsmr nsame was there 8 years ago and it was a great bar and not right on the parkway and it was a great location, sorta off the beaten path. Why would the city not allow a liquor license there for more revenue?

  • Bob

    Obviously discrimination since that place has been 10 different clubs in 10 yrs. Not the best place to put a gay night club in my opinion though.

  • Linda Moberg

    Homophobes, political agenda (wanting to stay in office) and many other factors not pertaining to the actual business. Triana is wanting to put in a 3 story Gentlemen’s Club, the Inferno in a residential area yet you don’t see anyone trying to put that down. If it was okay for the business years ago with no problems then it should be good now as well.

    • nlp

      Actually, the resident on the Triana area are fighting HARD not to have a strip club opened there, as is the City of Triana.

  • Bill

    It doesn’t benefit the Huntsville political brotherhood. If it was tighted to John Hayes or some other long time Huntsvillians, there would be no problem.
    Go for the lawsuit!!!!!

  • KB

    I guess parking spaces and maximum building occupancy didn’t matter when it was the Plush Horse.

  • db

    I wonder how all the bars downtown are getting away with having liquor licenses as they most definitely don’t have dedicated parking associated with them. Also I find it sad that when the entertainment districts were created that they stopped just short of the other gay bar in town right next to the furniture factory. It’s stuff like this that, until changed, Huntsville will be the backwards craphole that it has always been and currently is.

  • Di

    There has been a gay club in this building before. I’m straight, but did go to the club. I never saw a problem with the parking. Plush horse was there before and I never heard a complaint about the parking. Huntsville, wake up We argue about parking for a dance studio, which never had enough parking. What is the big deal for a club.

    • De

      It has been a gay club before, I think the reason the liquor license was turned down was because of how much the law gets called to that place…usually drug related…..

  • DB

    I agree. The parking issue is a lousy excuse. There is plenty of parking up there. Parking is better up there than downtown.

  • Been there before

    All I want to say on this matter is that, I was an employee there (Bartender and Entertainment Coordinator/Entertainer/Show Director) and the person named in the article took it away from us because he was tired of catering to gays. We worked hard to make it a nice & Safe place for the Alternative Lifestyle group just to have it taken away from us more than once by the same person. The City Council only decided to deny the License after a Petition was signed by 800 residents on Golf road and One of them stood up for the gay socitety and stated that they never had a problem with the gay people, it was when they would change it over to a str8 bar that there was problems on the hill. The other Issue is that there trying to use a successful name that was known on the hill (CLUB UPSCALE) and I dont agree with it since it has nothing to do with anyone that was there before. STEPS OFF SOAP BOX

  • Dalton

    I would be curious to know the maximum occupancy history of the building. I Also, assuming that parking has some shred of correlation to a liquor license, giving the owner an opportunity to satisfy the expectation of adequate parking would be a fair place to start.

    Let’s make sure the galas and social affairs are compliant with this concern of parking / max occupancy / liquior.

  • ken camp

    if everyone believed in Jesus and followed in his teaching, this would never even be a discussion….. HSV; believe in him and follow. if you don’t want to do so…. shoot, …. move to another city.

  • Bob

    Ken Camp you are the one that needs to move the hell on down the road. This article has nothing to do with religion. If you want to preach then go to church and do it.

    • Law

      Actually the Bible says Go into the world & preach the gospel to ALL creation. Mark 16:15 Not just in church. IJS :)

  • Jana

    I know of other bars/clubs in Huntsville that no way had 350 something parking places for it’s bar….City of Huntsville didn’t close them down ….Poor excuse….Take them to court and fight it

  • Melissa Pezza

    A club is a club. Shouldn’t matter what kind. Just as long as it’s up to code.
    But from experience I once went to a concert at Sammy Ts and had an awful time finding a parking spot.

  • Melissa Pezza

    Btw….I answer yes to having the club. Whoever the proposed renter is……just get it up to code. If this is a discrimination issue….I just wish society would give it a rest!!!

  • David Bryant

    Y’all as I listen and read the comments as to this club being re-opened, is almost as amusing as Mr. Dewy suing over possible discrimination, Now let’s rewind back to roughly 1995 or there abouts, that would be a second wife ago. Any way the last time that club was open it was called Upscale and as a 3rd shift cook at airport road waffle house I cooked for there patrons, staff and security. So for this man to use the word discrimination due to a basis of well lack of a better term sexual orientation of the clubs nature, is simply bogus. The club needed so much work back then, I can only imagine what kind of work it needs now. I am a native of HSV, and this town has never denied any club just due to the fact that they cater to the “Rainbow” community, let’s look at the VU’CARRE bad spelling but it was the only “Rainbow friendly” club in HSV for years, and was closed due to health code issues. Bring the club to code and your license will be approved, but for this man to yell racial bias, due to the fact he does not want to invest the money in a club with the potential to fail, or make him tons of money, over an investment that would not only in courage new ownership, as well as protect future clients, is well simply sad… Be a responsible property owner, and invest the money, so as to have the ability to lease this property, and allow a new owner to serve the community.

  • Bob

    5% of the population should not rule by threats. Gays are dangerous if they don’t get their way. They are like spoiled children.

    • David Bryant

      Good luck with that CHILD like thinking. Perhaps you should speak in more adult terms… just saying

  • Jeremy Smith

    How about not just no..HELL NO.
    Huntsville doesn’t need this garbage.
    Don’t like it?
    Move to SF
    Geeze people

    • Bob

      That works both ways. If you don’t like the changes that are being made then you can move yourself ! Or can you not afford the ticket on your foodstamps ?

  • Not Again

    This is not discrimination. This is a ploy to get the club open and running again just to lease out from under the gay community, once again. The neighbors have no problem with the gays, it’s when it changes format that it becomes a problem, and it happens EVERY time. If the owners are gung ho enough to sue for “discrimination”, I do hope someone from the council asks why the owners shut down and moved Upscale like 4 times already.

  • Str8t but Happy Camper

    Jerry probably has a Bubba beer gut and lives in that trailer. But he is true man cause he calls out the gays…(so he thinks). How is the Joe Diffie mullet hair cut going for ya? getting all the babes?

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