Alabama Ranks Competitively in Average Federal Employee Salaries

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Over the years we've seen hundreds of polls and statistics where Alabama ranks at the bottom of the barrel; obesity, unemployment, academic achievement, to name just a few.

The lists can sometimes be disheartening - but this isn't one of those.

recent comparison of average federal employee salaries by FedSmith puts Alabama just outside the top 10 and behind such government-dominated areas as the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

The average federal employment salary in Alabama in 2013 was $79,251 or about $123 off the national average.

Alabama has about 50,000 federal employees with the vast majority of those – around 30,000 – working for the Department of Defense. Georgia was the only other southern state to land in the top third for federal pay. Its average salary was $74,329.

 Top 10 Areas for Average Federal Pay:

  • District of Columbia - $107,760
  • Maryland - $96,922
  • Virginia - $88,470
  • Rhode Island - $87,224
  • New Jersey - $86,283
  • New Hampshire - $85,133
  • Massachusetts - $81,964
  • California - $80,843
  • Illinois - $79,838
  • Connecticut - $79,430

The data comes from the Office of Personnel Management. It showed the median federal salary – meaning half the workforce earned more and half earned less - was $73,736. That 1.4 percent increase from the previous year was in spite of a multi-year pay freeze.

Salaries for federal employees were frozen from 2010 to Jan. 1 of this year. That didn't stop increases due to promotions, grade increases or other types of pay raises, however, as reflected in the higher median salary. The median federal salary in 2012 was $72,714.

The highest average salary was the Securities and Exchange Commission with an average salary of $157,014. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. finished second with a median salary of $130,108. The lowest median salary was $60,189 paid by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Female federal workers earned a median income of $70,236, while males earned $75,689.

You can read the full Office of Personnel Management report here.


  • Say What

    The Republicans are wrong when they say that government has never created a job! Not only DOES government create jobs, but those jobs pay more and have better benefits than “free-market” jobs. People around this area need to stop hating government and start appreciating what government does for people.

  • Jeanne

    On further thought, maybe the politicians of this state should quit knocking the federal government. Number one, we get more tax money back than we pay in, and two, this article says the state gets fifty thousand well paying jobs from the government our politicians love to snear at.

    • David

      Jeanne, the reason why the politicians in Alabama sneer at the federal jobs is because it’s what gets them elected.

  • dan buchanan

    To think that Federal Government employess make this kind of money in North Alabama when the average median income is around $27,800 is ridiculous . And what is even more ridiculous is this … The $27,800 includes the Federal Employees salaries. Bull Crap on the Trickle down theory . If the Federal Government wasn’t taxing the Non Government employees to DEATH there would be no need for a trickle down. Government and these Salaries cannot survive for even one day without me – The non Government employee!

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