Former Morgan County Deputy Arrested for Walmart Shooting Wants Hearing

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Brian Fulford

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A former Morgan County Sheriff’s deputy facing charges in connection with a shooting at a Huntsville Walmart wants a preliminary hearing.

Brian Fulford is charged with second-degree assault for an incident on April 15.  Witnesses say Fulford, off duty at the time, fired a shot at a man in the parking lot. the man, David Horton, had arrest warrants in Morgan County. He was treated at Huntsville Hospital and then released, and arrested and taken to the Morgan County Jail.

Attorney Patrick Tuten filed a motion asking for a preliminary hearing be set for July 2, 2014 at 10:00 a.m.

WHNT News 19 will update you if the hearing is scheduled by judge Alison Austin.


  • Bill

    This is what you get when you let Bubba on a police force. The sheriff should have treated him like Andy did Barnie….keep his bullet in his pocket.

  • Bubba

    Give this man his Job back. He did society a tremendous service. Wish more police would do what he did. Give him a Medal!!

    • Bill

      What if that shot had hit someone getting into their car? What if that person was a family member of yours? The guy that was shot was a criminal…no question about that. He wasn’t going for a gun or was putting anyone else in harms way. A TRUE professional officer would have called for back-up. This (NO LONGER) officer of the law shouldn’t have been in law enforcement in the first place!

  • Jeremy Smith

    I’m just sorry this happened.
    This Officer clearly needed more time on the range.. he wouldn’t have missed so badly.
    Could have saved the taxpayers money to prosecute this garbage

    • Michael

      Guilty until proven innocent, eh? Maybe you should look up North Korea where these pesky little nuisances called “rights” don’t exist.

  • Jerry W

    Michael no need to look at North Korea simply look at Great Britain….. where one is considered guilty first and must prove innocence and I believe in the 1770’s we didn’t like that sort of thing. People seem to want to go back to the old system these days. You cant fix stupid but only hope to contain it!

  • Tabatha

    Gotta love the idiots that stick up for a pety officer who shot an unarmed man, then layed on him, gor.kicked in the ribs by the officers wife for “ruining their day off, together” Fulford NEVER IDENTIFIED HIMSELF!!! For crying out loud, I was.standing right beside David. If you don’t know the whole story, keep your mouth shut! How like being shot in the.back by an officer who wasn’t even sure he had the right person. His wife came to get his.i.d afterhewasshot. PATHETIC OFFICER AND HIS WIFW!!!!

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