Getting Results: Athens Fire Department Returns Wedding Photo Album to Rightful Owner

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(WHNT) - Pictures are a snapshot of life. Sometimes, they are the only memories left after a moment. When the pictures are gone, many times the memories fade.

But that's not the case for one photo album, now in the hands of the rightful owner.

This was one unusual assignment for Athens Fire Chief Tony Kirk. “This one here is a picture album, got the name Barbara and Bob Carruth, May 10, 1991,” Kirk told us.

Memories from 23 years ago.

Someone left the boxes at Station One over the weekend while firefighters were out on a call. So, WHNT posted pictures and names, asking for anyone who knew the person whose name is engraved on the gold plated photo album to let us know.

“I figure somebody found it in the park, maybe on one of the tables where possibly a family reunion,” Kirk said.

“I'm wanting to find the owner, we've got a name here on the picture album and I would love to find the owner of it,” Chief Kirk said.

So, together, we did. And the golden plated book of memories is back in the right hands.

Robert Carruth had no idea his gold plated book of memories had wound up in the hands of someone else. "I didn't even remember this particular one here, which is the one that you guys found," Curruth said.

He says after WHNT News 19 posted the search on social media, he got calls from all over the United States, not knowing what the big deal really was.

Wednesday morning, a member of the Athens Fire Department brought the book home to Carruth.

"I was just delighted to get it back," Curruth said. The pictures that fill the album are of him and his wife, who passed away about 5 years ago.

He can once again hold her memory in his hands, not just his heart.

Curruth says, "I'm just so glad to see her and all her friends..and I also think I know the person, I think I know the person who made this book... who is also a dear friend."

So how did the book get from Madison.. to Athens? He had no idea he had accidentally shipped it off in a box of old stuff. Carruth tells WHNT he is losing his vision, and moving in with family in Georgia. He want's to make the move as light as possible,so he's shipping boxes of his stuff to different people.

"I've sent a lot of different boxes to a lot of different places, and I guess that's what happened to it," Carruth thinks.

But his memories are back with him now, where they belong.

WHNT News 19 offered Curruth well wishes with his move to Georgia. We also told him we'll keep our eyes open just in case any more memorabilia turns up.



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