UPDATE: Church Members Launch Fundraising Campaign For Victims Of Fatal Wreck

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police are investigating a wreck that killed a child and seriously injured two others.  It happened Monday afternoon in Hampton Cove, right in front of Hampton Cove Elementary School.

Micah Brown, 5, died when an 18-wheeler on Old Highway 431 struck the GMC Yukon the family was riding in on the passenger side, according to a website set up by friends of the family. The child's mother, Ryann Brown, was driving the SUV, which held three other children as well.

Rebekah Brown suffered serious injuries and is in critical condition at Huntsville Hospital.  Her sister, Sarah, also suffered multiple serious injuries and was flown to UAB Women's and Children's Monday.  The youngest sister, Noelle, is in good condition.

Brown has since been released from the hospital, but the injured children are still in the hospital. Children Lilah and Asher were not involved in the accident.

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Tuesday, friends gathered at the family's church, Rivertree Church in Owens Crossroads, to pray for the family and write letters of encouragement.

A church member also set up a Caring Bridge and Go Fund Me page to raise money for the family and help with growing medical expenses. By Tuesday evening, the Go Fund Me page had raised more than$28,000.

Source: GoFundMe.com

Source: GoFundMe.com

Witnesses say they heard the crash and saw several people running towards the wreckage.  One worker doing yard work near the crash scene climbed inside the SUV and helped free children, according to witnesses. Several drivers who saw the crash pulled over on the scene and called 911, according to police.

Investigators say the Yukon was travelling eastbound and turned left onto Audubon in front of an 18-wheeler.

Huntsville police continue to investigate the crash.

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  • Believe in God

    God was preparing a place in heaven for that sweet 5 year old. May God take care of those who are left here on earth till they can be together again.

  • Sharon

    So heartbreaking! My heart and prayers go out to this family. Another angel got their wings, WAY too early! <3

  • stacey crutchfield

    This is my cousin and her children. Please respect them and stop fighting about your beliefs. If you pray then please do so if you don’t then send positive thoughts their way. She has already lost 1 child and her and 2 of her other children are fighting for their lives.

  • larry staapler

    wright or wrong my prayers are with all involved including the driver of the truck can you even begin to realize the pain he or she has to be in knowing this child has passed away

  • nothingclevercomes2mind

    Free will simply means that he doesn’t force us to believe but allows us to decide ourselves.

    I’m not comfortable hijacking this article as a family mourns a loss and hopes for some healing. If you would like to continue our discussion, feel free to email at outkickedmycoverage@gmail.com.

    To friends and and the family of those involved, my apologies and I will continue to pray for all those affected.

  • marilyn hudson

    Iknow this precious family my son-laws cousin and i am heart broken for this family and i am praying for all of them.

  • stan

    I”m a truck driver and know there are two ways to 431 , my point is did that truck cross the bridges with that load, just by looks he was too heavy for the bridges, if so he should deal with what charges are giving to him,;PS: prayers out to FAMILY!!!

    • Josey

      The truck driver was officially cleared of all fault in the accident (though I’m sure he’ll still have a hard time coping with the tragedy).

      The accident occurred at a traffic light. The truck had right of way heading west through the intersection when the SUV made a left-hand turn crossing in front of the truck from the eastern bound lanes.

  • Rich Yobe

    Where is the dot enforcing truck safety and weigh limits? This truck driver had not right being on this road. I am deeply saddened by this lost of a five year old angel. God help everyone to heal with the pain.

  • Acdldriver

    I am also a truck driver and I can’t believe that stan and Rich Yobe said about the weight on the truck. The bridges weight cap is 35 Ton and the truck was not near that. Any truck driver knows not to swerve or jerk the wheel. The load would shift and flip the truck over. It was an accident but the truck driver was just not at fault so stop blaming.

    • Rich Yobe

      Vehicle weight, driver skills and experience, and road conditions all enter into this tragic scenario. I am not trying to second guess anyone’s actions. People driving cars, people driving commercial vehicles, all need to constantly aware of the dangers that driving encompasses, especially when we are responsible for our passengers. Refrain from using the cell phone, loud music and any other distraction and concentrate on the primary task which is driving safely!

  • dancer20

    exactly 1 year ago today at 3pm on may 12th, 2013. Just happened to be mothers day last year, i was in a horrible accident. My sister and I fought for our lives as we were carried away. We are both now handicap but am so thankful just to see another day. I know right now the mother(s) of these children are probably devestated BUT should take comfort in knowing God has an ultimate plan that we will never begin to fathom, and it is not our place to question Him or ask why. He makes no mistakes. He has bigger and better plans in store for these people and He needed that baby more than we do. It just takes NEVER ENDING FAITH. I will keep them in my prayers.

  • Heidi Hardman

    I am all for lowering the speed limit to 35 MPH on the Eastern Bypass once it gets into Hampton Cove. That is a very dangerous intersection.

    • Gary Taber

      HH, I forgot to add that I am not against the speed limit being lowered to 35….just that it is just one of the factors which contribute to the hazards of controlled intersections.

    • Sarah

      Could not agree more! I was almost in a terrible accident at that intersection as well this past fall. I was traveling east bound and had the turn light to turn left when a man on a cell phone, in a Suburban traveling WAY too fast through the intersection, ran the light. It’s an awful intersection!!

  • Lisa

    Sending up prayers for healing and comfort for all involved, the family, and the truck driver.

  • fernival

    My heart goes out to this family, may your God comfort you and bring you peace during this terrible time.

  • Js

    People please with the harsh comments do u really have nothing better to do than to be negative or pass blame I mean seriously we know first hand what this family is goin thru we lost our five year old son a few weeks back in car wreck he is in heaven and we know that and we r still struggling so please respect this family because we know firsthand how they r feeling do u? No u don’t unless u been there just pray for them instead of saying the negative things on here and be thankful for what u have because it could be you or your family tomm and your world can be turned upside down and never normal again just pray and lift them up!!!!!

  • Annalyn

    I may not be a believer but my heart is breaking over this little girls death! This story is tragic and it shouldn’t matter what you believe in you should be sending prayers, thoughts, positive vibes or whatever for these families! Now is not the time for adult arguments, now is the time to be mourning the loss of a little girl who had her entire life ahead of her and a family who has suffered one of the most tragic losses a person can have.

  • Hampton Cove Resident

    I feel sad for all involved and all are in my prayers. I wonder if the truck was carrying a load from the rock quarry that Gurley and others fought so hard to keep out of the area. I myself opposed that quarry. I recall that in addition to pollution arguments, opponents were concerned about large trucks carrying rock out of the quarry down Eastern Bypass. Maybe it was not a quarry truck but if it was, it should be illegal to travel on Eastern Bypass with all the hazards posed by such transportation of quarry rock on that road.

  • a friend

    I know this family. She is an amazing mom to her children. We all love you all so much. I haven’t ever met anyone as sweet and selfless as you. Keeping you, your girls and rest of the family in my thoughts. I’m so sorry.

  • Bill

    This is a day that both the mother and that driver of the truck will have to live with the rest of their lives. Let’s pull together as a loving community and pray for these folks. This site isn’t the place right now to express your opinions on what you THINK went wrong! Let the authorities sort this out and the rest of us help this family and this truck driver any way we can.

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