Coach Accused of Sexual Abuse & Human Trafficking Files Petition Against Madison County Sheriff

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David Jacobs Barrow (Photo: Madison County Jail)

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – The Guntersville girls’ soccer coach arrested and charged with sexual abuse and human trafficking Friday filed a petition against Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning Monday afternoon.

David Jacobs Barrow was arrested Friday after coaching his girls varsity team at the State soccer semifinals in John Hunt Park.

The petition filed on Barrow’s behalf states he was arrested without a warrant and claims he was held for more than two days without a bond hearing or a probable cause hearing.

The complaint demands that Dorning bring him before a judge “without delay.”

Barrow faces three counts of sexual abuse 1st degree and one count of human trafficking 1st degree, according to jail records obtained by WHNT. Kristian Griffin was also arrested in connection to this case, and is  facing charges for conspiracy to commit sexual abuse of a child less than 12.

He was bailed out of jail Monday afternoon.


  • Amy

    If this pervert gets out of the charges against him because of some technicality by the Sheriff’s office then there really is no justice in this world.

    • Justice

      There was no technicality, he simply posted bond. His friends all stand behind Mr. Barrow. You will see as will others that he is innocent once the truth comes out.

      • jeff massey

        explain away the fact that he sold pictures of the two girls. not cute, adorable pictures of them holding puppies but the kind of pictures that puts people in jail.

    • Michael

      This “technicality” that you speak of, if what Mr. Barrow says is true, is a violation of the Bill of Rights granted to him and the rest of us under the United States Constitution. You’re assuming guilty until proven innocent, that’s not the way we do things in this country.

      If things go down like you say, that Mr. Barrow did his alleged acts against these girls and gets his charges dropped, you shouldn’t be angry at Mr. Barrow or our legal system. You should be angry that the police department didn’t do their freakin’ job that our tax dollars pay them to do and allowed a pervert to go back to the streets.

  • soldier

    if he did it then he is the scum of the earth regardless of how the police handled this case. .if he would have been locked up in marshall county he would probably still be there without bond. if he did not do it then then madison county has some explaining to do and really so does he cause how the heck do you get charged with these kind of charges. oh so what they are making it up. his friends all stand up for him and that is great but so did jerry sanduskys friends….no one could believe he was guilty….but he was. the truth will come out.

    • Justice

      Soldier, With Jerry Sandusky there were plenty of warning signs that were ignored. Once the first charge came out many followed immediately.

  • jeff massey

    the DA is not a fool. he may be ambitious and political but not a fool. he would not have brought these charges unless there was probable cause and enough evidence that he thinks he can win.

  • Jerry

    I really wish people could wait until evidence has been provided in a court of law and convicted before they pass judgment on a person. If it is true then cast your stones but not before! I know his family and kids (went to school with his oldest) and it sure is funny how of all the thousands of girls he has been around all these years have not been violated or photographed and suddenly these pictures in Huntsville come up. There is not something that is say an “acute pedophile” there are normally years of actions that have slipped through the cracks “aka warning signs” and they are simply not here in my opinion. Hey what do I know its not like I have known him for twenty plus years…… of wait I have!

  • Martha

    I first want to say that Sex Abuse or Sex Trafficicing (sp) is the lowest of low, but having said that, this “technicality” you speak of is also very important. How would you like for the sheriff’s office to come to your door and haul your butt off to jail for whatever reason he decided?? That appears to be what he has done. I do not know what this man has done, I don’t know any details about this, but I know as long as I can remember (I’m in my 60’s and I’ve lived in Madison County all of my life), The City of Huntsville and the Madison County Sheriff’s department has done whatever they have wanted. I had a friend that they arrested, he lost his job, he lost his home, he stayed in jail for three months (before he could post bail – $500,000 – never did go before a judge), and three months later the charges were dropped. They knew he did not have the money to file a suit against him. What does that say. Whether this man is innocent or guilty, the stone has been thrown. This will hang over his head for the rest of his life. People will always look at him and wonder. Obama doesn’t obey the Consatitution, and I guess the Legal department doesn’t think they have to. Why don’t the Sheriff go to North Huntsville? Are they scared? Are they just going to let everyone kill each other? I’m stepping down from my soap box now.

  • Brianna

    None of us can say what this man has or has not done, because we were not there. I do know that arrests came after the alleged victims were seen at the child advocacy center. I have had sexual abuse victims in my family and the advocacy center does not mess around. They know their jobs!
    I dont understand how he can say he was arrested without a warrant if they had been looking for him for a week. Also, nobody that is arrested on Friday gets a hearing within 48 hours. It just is not possible. He got out on Monday. That is the soonest anybody gets a hearing. I don’t understand why he would think that they would hold a “special” court session just for him. That is absolutely rediculous!

  • Commuter

    How could they have been looking for him for a week before being arrested? He was coaching a soccer match the Saturday before being arrested and coached soccer practice every day leading up to the arrest. The game was listed on the AHSAA website.

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