ATRIP Projects Underway In Jackson County This Week

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- Several ATRIP-funded projects are in the works in Jackson County.

"Jackson County has received several million dollars in ATRIP funding, this is an 80 / 20 grant that was worked on by the state," Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says.

Some of those projects are already in the works, some are starting this week, and others are set to start in the near future.

This comes at a time when the county is dealing with budget issues.

Commissioners are figuring out how to chip away at what once was a nearly one million dollar budget deficit.

County leaders also want to find ways to overcome a consistent decrease in TVA funding the county receives. That funding goes to entities like schools, the sheriff's office, and incorporated municipalities.

Hodges says the Commission wouldn't have had the money to pave as many roads, if at all, without the funding.

"This is huge for Jackson County, because going back to our budget situation we're having difficulty paving the amount of roadway that we need."

Hodges says most of the projects consist of re-paving roads. "In no cases will we be actually be building a new road, all of this is for re-paving current routes."

The 13 projects range from re-paving roads and working on bridges in Scottsboro, Stevenson, and across the unincorporated areas of northeast Alabama's largest county.

County leaders say they want to get the projects finished as quickly as possible.

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