Huntsville police officer killed in Friday afternoon shooting

Huntsville Police: Mother Cut 3-Month-Old Daughter

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Natasha Townsend (Photo: Huntsville Police Department)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The mother of an infant is spending Mother’s Day behind bars.

Huntsville Police charged Natasha Townsend with attempted murder. Investigators believe Townsend severely cut her 3-month-old daughter with a butcher knife Saturday night.

Police, HEMSI and firefighters found the baby suffering from injuries at a home on Neptune Drive around 10:45 p.m. Saturday.

A source told WHNT News 19 the 31-year-old mother bought the knife at a Madison Walmart, cut the baby at another location and handed off the baby to someone inside a home on Neptune Drive.

Sergeant Mark Roberts told WHNT News 19 Townsend intended to kill the baby and commit suicide.

We’ve learned paramedics flew the infant to Children’s Hospital in Birmingham. Investigators said, at the time, the baby was in critical condition. A Children’s Hospital Spokeswoman would not comment on the baby’s condition. The spokeswoman says Children’s Hospital policy prevents releasing medical information of children involved in a crime.

As of Monday, the family said the baby is recovering.

WHNT News 19 is aggressively continuing to try to track down new information and will update this story as we learn new information.


  • Bonnie Stewart

    What is wrong with people ? I hope she gets the most severe punishment possible. Its so sad that this precious baby is having to go through this pain. If someone don’t want a baby , then don’t have sex, plain and simple , and if u do get pregnant and don’t want it , give it up for adoption , or find someone that actually loves kids and wants them. This is sick ,, and it happens all the time .

  • Janos Poleretzky

    Ahhh! The spirit of motherhood brought to our living rooms by WHNT. A good story to help celebrate this mothers day. I wonder if a few more more Huntsville mothers will be broadcast in their day of happiness. Probably not-it’s not news worthy.

  • Anonymous

    So sad!! Can’t see why anyone would do this. Mother’s day is hard enough on women who can’t have children and then to see that someone would stab their baby. I can speak for childless women, because I’m one of them and its not by choice. My heart goes out for this poor little one.

  • Rose

    Yes, a sad situation, but before anyone judges this young lady, please realize that there are women who suffer from PPD, and this is truly the case. Please pray for her and her baby, dont be so quick to judge. You dont know if you might or might not suffer from the same condition if God were to bless you with a child.
    Thank you

  • In shock

    I’ve known Tasha for years and this is so hard to believe. I can’t remember a time I’ve ever seen her get angry. She was always so jovial. She was NOT into drugs/alcohol. Only thing I can think of is postpartum depression. This is so tragic.

    • kathleen

      We need to take postpartum more seriously as a community to prevent situations like this from recurring

  • Natasha

    I know Tasha as well, and I personally KNOW that she loved that baby so much! At at this moment what we all NEED to do is PRAY FOR SANITY, no one knows what goes on in others mind during Postpartum… This is NOT Tasha’s character, and there is NEVER an excuse for anything like this to happen. You just MUST pray for her and ask GOD for strength for her and the baby… PLEASE DON’T JUDGE unless you know what’s going on… JUST PRAY…..

    • LAC

      Don’t judge unless you know what is going on? Seriously? I know that the mother made a series of decisions that led to her stabbing a child, that’s pretty much all I need to know to form my opinion. The good thing is, just like everyone else one this board, my opinion doesn’t matter one bit as to the fate of the mother or the child.

  • john wayne

    whaddayamean…dont judge? are ya crazy? the crazy woman tried to kill a helpless infant. she needs to be locked up the rest of her natural life.

  • Kimberly Burns

    How in the world can you people be so stupid? This girl was obviously out of her mind. Postpartum depression is real. She needs help. I pray for her and this precious child. There are people on here saying they knew her and that this was out of character for her so there was obviously a problem. Stop judging and jumping to conclusions.

  • mother

    No drugs were involved. Stop judging her if you don’t know her. Lord you miserable people go find you something to do. Damn. Praying for you Natasha, hope you get the help you need. Ignore these people, listen to your supporters. Praying for you and this baby!

  • Michael

    Like I’ve been saying on here, no matter how disgusting or evil the charges everyone gets their day in court to argue their side. Innocent until proven guilty.

  • mamac

    This is awful sickening…The state of Alabama needs to step in and if they have to pay for a child on medicaid and they do something like this they need to go in NO MATTER WHAT the mother says and CHOP HER INSIDES UP..Take her crap out so she can’t have anymore kids.And that would be the price she would pay, cause if she did this to her first baby what do you think she will do to her other baby.And the daddy or so called daddy needs to be FIXED to where he can’t be going off knocking women up..

  • ivy

    I just hope and pray
    the baby lives through this and is adopted out to a family that will love her, all the days of her life.

  • hurt by the news

    We’ve known Natasha for a couple of years now. What I so know is that there is a history of mental illness in the family. Please just pray for the baby, no need to attempt to pass judgement on this Mother whom you know NOTHING about. MENTAL illness is real, and when you take that along with PPD you get events like this!

  • A friend

    This is sad. This woman lost a baby, than her father. and now this. Please pray for her and Her beautiful baby that God leant to her.

  • momax4

    Why is everyone so quick to blame it on mental illness? Thats why people do stupid stuff these days because they can just so ohh i have bipolar or ptsd or ppd. Well who cares what she has she cut her baby no real mother would do that. I have bipolar and ptsd and take no meds for it. I have also lot an infant and im still sane and not trying to kill my kids. What she needs is God so does the rest of this world. Half the population has lost their minds.

  • Jasmine

    Tasha is my cousin whom i love very much. I wish we had more spiritual and holy ghost filled people in this world. All this time we are spending on these sites and the time it takes us to type these (negative) responses that can be time given to GOD , prayers being sent to heaven , help being given to someone in need. Time is winding down and no man knows the day nor the hour …. God said any man who has NO SIN , CAST THE FIRST STONE ‘ touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm. I pray a spirit of peace, and understanding over those of you who aren’t where they should be in the spirit realm. I decree and declare my baby cousin will recover & that my cousin Tasha will be set free in JESUS name ! I asked God for a miracle & im standing on his word and my faith && i KNOW he is going to do it. NO DEVIL IN HELL AND NO DEVIL ON EARTH WILL BE ABLE TO STOP IT !!!! AMEN #PrayersAreGoingUp #

  • Mary Jo Terry

    All I can say is that if I decide to stab a child someone is good enough to shoot me before I can carry out my plan.

  • me

    Tasha was definitely a great person inside and out tasha dealt with the loss of an unborn child and before that another death so let’s not judge this woman. You obviously don’t know this lady like others to talk negative the way some of you are doing. This was not tasha. It was the devil raking over her vessel of a body! Tasha always wore a smile, even in our vball games back in school. I talked to her every now and then she was alway happy and upbeat, somewhere along the way the signs and cries for help were missed and it was to late.

  • Mary

    Not judge??? Realy??? I am a mother of 2 children still fairly young in age and I’ve been thru the PPD crap you people are blaming this on and I can promise you this, there has NEVER been a time when I wanted to CUT or even HARM my kids.. This lady is sick and that child needs to be taken away from her and never given back. That baby needs to go to a family who will love her and help her as she gets older to not hold hatred towards the person that gave birth to her but also tried to kill her…This woman needs to ROT in jail just so she can get her MEDS you people think she needs for PPD or Bipolar or whatever mental illness you can come up with to make this story sound ok…This type of things is NEVER ok, no matter what!

  • finessee

    I’m so amazed at some of the things that come out of ppl mouth. So quick to judge and the only person that can truly judge is GOD! You never know this tragic situation can happen to you or someone in your family . Will you be just as harsh then. My prayer goes out to the both of them! As for everyone that has something negative or judgmental remember you will be judged as well but not by us but GOD!

  • CBC

    There is help available for psot partum depression, mental illness and all manner of issues.

    I’d suggest that all these people “praying” and who loved this woman and her baby so much get off their holy high horses and actually DO something!

    Did you offer to help, babysit, give her a break, drive her to the Dr or mental health?

    Ultimately she is responsible for her actions, all you parying people who know her can explain why you did nothing to the child when she is older.

    Regradless of the issue, this woman needs to be locked away (from children) and the child removed from such an uncaring environment.

  • Michelle Williams

    Lord this is so awful……I cant believe how someone could do such a thing. My heart breaks for the poor baby girl, I pray that the Lord Jesus wraps his loving , heaking arms around her.
    People like that doesnt deserve to have children…….if she didnt want her she should give her up to someone that would love her!!!!! Lord i would take myself….my family would love and appreciate a child.

  • Laramie

    Instead of focusing on the mother, I would think y’all would want to focus and pray for the innocent, helpless child who was abused by the mother. Put the woman under the jail. I suffered through 2 miscarriages and then PPD when my son was born and I NEVER thought of harming my child. Prayers lifted up for the BABY and I hope they lock the mother up for a good, long time.

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