UPDATE: Guntersville Girls’ Soccer Coach Charged with Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A Guntersville girls' soccer coach has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and human trafficking, according to Huntsville Police.

David Jacobs Barrow was arrested Friday while coaching his girls varsity team at the State soccer semifinals in John Hunt Park.

Barrow faces three counts of sexual abuse 1st degree and one count of human trafficking 1st degree, according to jail records obtained by WHNT.

Kristian Danette Griffin (L) and David Jacobs Barrow (R)

Kristian Danette Griffin (L) and David Jacobs Barrow (R)

Madison County Assistant District Attorney Tim Gann said the victims are NOT soccer players on the Guntersville team Barrow is a volunteer coach for, but told reporter Matt Kroschel more charges could be filed related to this case.

Gann says the alleged victims are two 10-year-old female victims from the Huntsville area.

Also arrested in connection to this case is Kristian Griffin. She is charged with one count of Conspiracy to Commit Sexual Abuse of a Child Less than 12 Years of Age.

WHNT learned Barrow is a partial owner and manager of Mike's Merchandise on South Parkway in Huntsville. A worker inside the Huntsville store told WHNT crews Friday night they had no comment about the arrest other than to say, "it's horse crap."

Mike Jones, owner of the entire chain of Mike's Merchandise stores in the state called our newsroom to clarify Barrow's relation to the company. Jones says Barrow was the manager of the Huntsville store and partial owner of that operation.

"This is shocking to the entire organization," Jones said.

Jones also co-coaches soccer with Barrow. Jones says the soccer team has been meeting the players on the team and their families since news broke of the arrest.

"All we want is for the truth to come out," Jones told WHNT News 19.

By friday evening news of Barrow's arrest spread fast around Guntersville. Friends and neighbors tell WHNT they never suspected anything.

Neighbors say they never noticed anything unusual about Barrow's home or him.

Friends who have known him for years say the news is shocking.

Guntersville City Schools Superintendent Dale Edwards says Barrow had been volunteering at the high school for at least a decade. He says they will be conducting their own investigation and helping police in anyway they can.

Guntersville and Huntsville Police investigators conducted a search at Barrow's  home Friday evening. They say they were looking for electronics but couldn't elaborate.

Barrow's home is adjacent to Guntersville Middle School.

If you have any information related to this case, or others, please contact Huntsville Police at 256-722-7100.



  • paul

    keep it breif. soon they’ll be some fool christain conserative saying its the liberals and obama’s fault

    • B

      That’s pretty offensive actually… How is that comment in anyway pertinent to this story? It has absolutely nothing to do with politics! Your ignorance is overwhelming, to be calling ANYONE a fool other than yourself! You cant even type a half descent sentence!? LOL

      Now back to the point, why is there a special hearing about this case? Unfortunately this sort of thing happens a lot these days, anyone care to elaborate?

      • B

        Well.. There’s some of the explanation for this particular case being handled a little differently! How sick! I will never understand what drives these people to commit such a sick and twisted act!! I hope they are both punished to the fullest extent, and get what they deserve!

  • Bauer

    It would actually be beneficial if the sentence was in any way structurally and grammatically correct. If you are going to attack conservative Christians, at least make an attempt not to look like an idiot when you do so.

  • Nuclear Mike

    All elected state & county officials are corrupt and now this coach with 10 yr old girls and he had help from a woman…Alabama what is happening to our Society here???

  • Mrs Doubtfire

    Did it ever occur to anyone that this could be a lie. They have just been charged with this NOT FOUND GUILTY. It is NEWS people, and they always hang people before the trail !

  • T. Newman

    Why must people include President Obama in every situation. . .some people are obsessed and need mental health. And to the people calling themselves ‘Christian’. . .not everyone who says Lord, Lord will enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

  • Jerry

    They are charged NOT convicted so to assume guilt and prove otherwise is simply wrong unless we are in the United Kingdom. I know this family and will withhold judgment until more facts present themselves…… If it proves so then cast your stones!

  • Nuclear Mike

    What is it with all these “volunteer” coaches having any title at all and who determines he was given the role of coach anyway???

  • Randy

    If guilty, he should be put away forever. But why did the DA have him arrested in front of all those kids, some of who are still crying and upset this morning. He could have had him picked up anywhere instead of causing grief to all the young kids and parents who knew nothing of these crimes. What goes around comes around and maybe someday this DA will endure such grief.

    • bryant hunt

      honestly, the da doesn’t have to give any concessions. its not really a question of decency, the da, as well as the law enforcement officers have a job to do, which is to enforce the law. it doesn’t say anywhere in their job titles, that they have to give concessions. personally, i want them to be that johnny on the spot. i’d rather know that they aren’t afraid of hurting someones feelings. they do have to treat people with respect, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be nice about it.

      i will say this, more tact could have been exercised, however, i say bravo for getting the accused out of their asap. especially considering the nature of the charges.

    • Old Sarge

      Because it’s good for our children to see the consequences for people who break the law first hand !!! It’s good to see law enforcement doing their job. If these charges are true the SOB does’nt deserve any respect & if convicted he ought to be hung in the public square – just like in the good old days – when such crimes were very rare !!!

  • Small Town Girl

    It might not be true; however, to go to the extreme of being charged with something like this, I would say the possibility of it being true is very strong. Also, it just goes to show that just because you think you are SOMEBODY in a small town, doesn’t mean you don’t get caught doing something bad. I bet his family is proud of him.

    • Debbie

      You’re right fellow small town girl. It should not surprise me that people are actually taking up for him JUST BECAUSE of who he is~! I admit I was SHOCKED but just b/c the man has a name here and has plenty of money does NOT make him Mr. Perfect. He should be treated EXACTLY like any other child abuser~!

  • jeff massey

    Why is this such a mystery to some people? Pedophiles have used positions of authority to perpetrate their crimes since FOREVER. Raping a child should carry a capitol punishment.

  • soldier

    what does the owner of mikes merchandise think that he is innocent because he was his friend and co worker. how could this guy pull the wool over mikes eyes and all the other people that were in his life. committing crimes of a sexual nature against children is a heinous crime and more often other people involved know full well whats going on. i won’t be going back to mikes.

  • Justice

    I read the comments posted here and will tell you that Mr. Barrow will be found innocent of all charges. The town of Guntersville is in shock right now. the posts and comments assume Mr. Barrow is guilty. I’ve known him for over twenty years and when to TRUE facts come out, I’d really like to see everyones response…… David deserves your response. My opinion is based on what I know. Mr. Barrow is a faithful husband, father, coach, leader, and friend to many. The Huntsville Police Dept has a protocol to follow, as does the media, its there business. There are victims including the family and friends of David.

    • jeff massey

      Its good to have friends that will stand up for you. Are with him in his private moments? Do you know him THAT well? How well do you really know him? Are you covering for his activities? Welcome to the witch hunt!!

    • Sandra

      Justice you are absolutely right! Have you ever heard of an innocent person receiving the death sentence when they were not guilty?
      I have, it happens. There are people in prison that are not guilty.
      But, if he is guilty, ill be the first to say, ” punishment to the nth degree!

  • soldier

    to justice…so was jerry sandusky. he was all these things too so many people but he was guilty.

  • jeff massey

    there were many, Many comments that were deleted withing the first few minutes of this posting.

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