Reminder: Photo ID Now Required to Vote in Alabama

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Sample Voter ID

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) —  Alabama voters now need to have a photo ID to cast a ballot. Not having one could get you turned away at the polls.

Poll workers will get a long list of acceptable options, but if you registered and don’t have any of them, you still have a chance. You can apply for an ID to use for voting purposes only.

You will have to provide some documentation to get the free photo ID used for voting. A birth certificate is the easiest way to do it, though you can sign up without it if you were born in-state.

But don’t you dare register for the card if you have another form of ID, though. If you sign the Voter ID Card application and you already have a photo ID, it’s a class C felony.

So Lynda Hairston with the Voter Registration Office says, ” We want you to be very careful that if you sign it, you do not have one in your possession.”

If you need the free ID to vote, you can get a paper copy printed at the Board of Registrars on the same day.

The primary is going to be held on June 3rd. So, Hairston says, “Do not wait until the last week. Please come in. If you need one, come in early and let’s get started.”

Everyone deserves the right to vote, and with news laws, this might be the only way some can keep that right.

You can only receive a free Alabama photo identification card if you registered to vote in Alabama do not have any of the following:

a) a valid Alabama driver’s license which was properly issued by the appropriated state or county department or agency.

b) a valid Alabama nondriver identification card which was properly issued by the appropriated state or county department or agency.

c) a valid Alabama photo voter identification card

d) a valid identification card issued by a branch, department, agency, or entity of the State of Alabama, any other state, of the United States authorized by law to issue personal identification, provided that such identification card contains a photograph of the elector

e) a valid U.S. passport

f) a valid employee identification card containing the photograph of the elector and issued by any branch, department, agency, or entity of the U.S. government, the State of Alabama, or any county, municipality, board, authority, or other entity of this state

g) a valid student or employee identification card issued by a public or private college university, or postgraduate technical or professional school located within the State of Alabama, provided that such identification card contains a photograph of the elector

h) a valid U.S. military identification card, provided such identification card contains a photograph of the elector

i) a valid tribal identification card containing a photograph of the elector



  • Scott

    I never understood how the poor are supposed to be harmed by this.Don’t you have to have an I.D. to cash a check or buy liquor? But I’m sure we’ll here from our pathetic politicians in N.W. Huntsville that this is some kind of racism.

  • paul

    Why is this? Does Alabama have that much voter fraud, really? The powers that be, Republicans & Jesus, want to make voting a little more differcult of “some” folks? We might as well have Bibleria law. Ok, just jokin’bout the bibleria law…we have enough of that already

      • TruthLivesHere

        You know better than to ask the obamunists that question. And I see none of them have responded to you.

    • Say What

      Paul, they are working hard on that Bibleria law as we speak. When they get elected reelected in November they will finish the job!

      • Branko Pezdi

        We can all see taht the tin foil hats are working extremely well today for both of you. How embarrassing.

    • TruthLivesHere

      That much voter fraud? That much voter fraud? ANY voter fraud is too much. I suppose you’d be happy if the police told you “Your house has only been broken into once or twice. That’s not all that much, we aren’t going to do anything about it.” And as so far as it making it hard for “some” people to vote, the bottom line is this : if you can’t comply then you don’t get to vote. It’s not hard to get a government-issued picture ID. I’ve had one since I was 16. But then again, there are reasons “some” people can’t get a government-issued picture ID.

    • scott

      I live in florida and voted my whole life… I have to show and ID to vote– if not I can cast a provisional ballot. I also need an ID to cash a check, to prove that the CC I am using is mine, to show up for a presidential event to prove I am actually the invitee, etc try going a year without an ID and start by cabecelling all your bank accts and CC… try getting a job, try going to school… get real Paul

    • Say What

      Bill, many third world countries also have gun confiscation and/or strict control — would that also be good for America? If you want to use those countries as an example for the U.S. we can go a lot of ways with that one!

  • Wes

    There were three counties in Alabama that had more democrat votes than they had registered voters in the counties. Hmmmmm?????

  • Pete

    “Everyone deserves the right to vote”….. sadly the Dems think this includes illegal aliens and dead people. Voting Democrat gets you free food stamps, free gubment housing, and a gubment phone.

    • Say What

      Pete, exactly how many “illegal aliens” and “dead” people voted in the last five election cycles in Alabama?

    • Pat Murphy

      Wow Pete, I’ve voted Democrat my whole life and have never received food stamps, housing or phone from the government. Rather, I have worked hard for my money, and do not believe that illegal aliens and dead people should vote. Just out of curiosity, which “Dems” have you heard say they believe in dead people voting; or are you a mind reader, since you state that you know what I am thinking?

    • paul

      now we each get a gubment card to vote? And I thought the republiCONS were against bigger gubment? What about that, Blanko?

      • TruthLivesHere

        I’ll try to reverse some of your ignorance. It’s not a government card to vote, it’s showing a government-issued picture ID to vote. Most people that play by the rules have one of these. I’ll even put it in a scenario that you can understand. Being “carded” to buy beer or cigarettes (where you have to show a picture ID to make the purchase) is along the same lines.

    • Say What

      Actual voter registration compared to Census “estimates.” That is your proof? Come on–try again!

      • TruthLivesHere

        All I know is this : I’ve got my Driver’s License and in November it’s PARTY TIME.

  • Jan Romano

    I know plenty of idiots who wrote in “tea party” on their ballot, and those idiots are on a lot of government assistance… Need proof look at sand mountain and athens. Lots of good folks who think they have to vote republican because they’re white, white trash

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