Friday at 10:00, The Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction?

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Across the country and in the Tennessee Valley, people are buying Iraqi dinar.  They’ve been told it will one day rise sharply in value against the U.S. dollar, leading to a financial windfall for them.

Albertville resident Tim Jones is one of those who bought in, along with his pastor and several church members.  He purchased his dinar years ago and is still waiting for a payoff.

In February, WHNT News 19 took action to find the truth.  Was his investment legit? Our investigation turned up warnings from state regulators, the Better Business Bureau and financial experts, calling dinar investment a scam. It also prompted the Alabama Securities Commission to issue a statewide “Investor Alert” addressing dinar.

Despite those warnings, many people remain invested.  They’re confident in their purchases and offer specific claims as justification for buying in. So are these claims credible? Or are investors being misled?

WHNT News 19’s investigation continues Friday, May 9th at 10:00 p.m.

We’ll dig for the truth; speaking to financial experts, banking executives, government leaders and representatives from the World Bank, IMF and more.

Here are just a few of the claims we’ll explore…

Claim #1: There will be a “revaluation” or “RV” of Iraqi dinar, raising its value against the U.S. dollar and leading to a payoff for the investor

Claim #2: There was a “revaluation” in Kuwait that shows something similar is possible in Iraq

Claim #3: President George W. Bush’s Executive Order 13303 gives Americans special legal rights to hold or invest in Iraqi dinar

Do you know someone who invested in Iraqi dinar, or is thinking about it? Make sure they don’t miss our Taking Action investigation airing Friday, May 9th at 10:00 p.m. You can watch it on-air or through our live stream here on

UPDATED: Here’s a link to our report, in case you missed it. Click here to watch now!


    • JDnMonrovia

      Are you REALLY going to post the WHNT report when they announce that, YES, IT IS A SCAM?

      • Al K. Selzer

        The funny thing here is all of these post here are from people who I assume do not live in Iraq or speak Arabic or work for the Iraq Government? I can assume this is correct? What we know is Iraq is talking about currency reform “It’s in ink” “It’s on Iraq TV” You cannot deny what facts are out there something is happening could it be an increase in dinar value. Do I think all the pumper Gurus are full of it …yes……. NO one should invest what you cannot afford to lose. How many of you have been to a casino “same risk” here with the dinar. The WHTN newscast report is a safe report and I’ll bet the amount of time spent preparing the report was a few man hours. Why…. for the most part it’s boring and does not make the station money if you do not own dinar who cares …right. Love to see a little more facts here and not just a bunch of goggled opinions just saying……. Oh and the banks selling dinar here a few years ago they stopped why no money to be made to big of a hassle ….banks are in business to make money.

    • Truthout

      The U.S. dollar is a scam. If you purchased 10,000 U.S .dollars in 2001, it is only worth about $5000 right now in purchasing power. Just look at your gas prices. You are paying double because the U.S. dollar is a ponzi scheme and a scam. It is being depreciated at a rapid level due to the cabal trying to turn us into their slaves while keeping them rich. The cabal is probably raking in the bucks with the Dinar. Don’t listen to mainstream news, it is always a bunch of lies. Where is the news that the U.S. dollar is being destroyed? They hide the truth and feed you lies!

      Baghdad Invest has a lot of time on his hands to post info about the dinar. He is obviously working for someone. No one has that much time on their hands to sit there and slam something for no reason other then they just are worried about people being scammed. He is obviously working for the dark side. Baghdad..get a REAL job!

      • baghdadinvest

        Can’t attack the message so you attack the messenger!]

        Not the first and no doubt not the last.

        The time I put into this has no bearing on the Iraqi Dinar doing what it is going to do.

        Call me what you want, I have thick skin.

        Your “argument” (and I use the term very loosely) is quite common among the dinar scammers and their pumper enablers though. It essentially amounts to “Go away and let us scam people because there are other scams out there, please go bother them and leave us to our fraud”. Sorry buddy, no one is impressed by that argument.

      • Mark

        “The U.S. dollar is a scam. If you purchased 10,000 U.S .dollars in 2001, it is only worth about $5000 right now in purchasing power.”

        I find it truly incredible that people are smart enough to understand inflation when the USA prints twice as much money over 15 years, yet still dumb enough to not understand it when Iraq prints 4,000x more money over the same period…

  • Jan Romano

    Googling to check to see if something is a scam is not that hard. If its too good to be true… Then it’s too true, just watch how wealthy people invest their money.

  • Scott

    People using their church as a platform to make money deserve to lose it all.Shame on you all.

  • sue rigsby

    You need to stop putting this on the News if it was a scam it would be on world news I know for a fact this is real because i open a bank acct.where they be doing exchane and I did my homework and I was confirm at the bank that they will be exchange . Also
    this has been put on the news of one of the CNN channnel they having a currancy exchange. Please stop this if people sell there Dinar and when it goes they will be very upset that they lost out of the exchange.

  • Michelle Stark

    Hello Sue! Would you be willing to share your experiences with us on the record? Perhaps you could provide the name of your bank or links to the CNN report you referenced? If so, please contact me at

    • GeorgeW

      Michelle, research for an article dated August 9th, 2011 and include it with your news story. What you put out last time seemed a little one sided. The Iraqi Dinar is a currency of a country, if it is a scam then so is owning a US Dollar. If you purchased the Dinar and wish to sell it you may however you may have to sell it for less than you paid for it just as if you were exchanging out the Euro you have left over from you trip to the UK.

      • Mark

        GeorgeW – “The Iraqi Dinar is a currency of a country, if it is a scam then so is owning a US Dollar.”

        Complete nonsense George. The Dinar in itself isn’t the scam – it’s the “RV” that promises a dumb 100,000-3,500,00% rate of return that’s the scam. This is the same straw-man that “investors” use to try and justify it.

        A better analogy is comparing it to penny stock fraud – the stocks themselves are legal, but the “investment advice” surrounding “buy this because it’s going to shoot up 1,000x!” certainly is not.

      • sue rigsby

        If it was a SCAM it would be on the World News because the exchange is in all countries. in fact it was on one of the CNN News talking about the Dinar EXCHANGE.

      • Guy Ohlhausen

        Sue, you know people are able to verify just by the internet. This is a scam you listen to gurus who are not educated in currency trading. If you really want to understand currency look up Marcus Curtis with the tag Dinar or John Jagerson. This whole scam is about greed period!! Just look up those two guys and really investigate and you will see its a scam. I know better than to throw my money away I work to hard to get it

    • Mr. CW

      Ms. Michelle, I have purchased over $50 Million of Iraqi Dinar. Plus, Chase Banks stopped selling the Dinar in Dec. 2008. Also 5th 3rd Street Bank in Michigan has been selling the Iraqi Dinar since 2004, up to recently discontinuing last year. Finally, the Currency Exchange International who Im steadily purchasing more from, sells FOREIGN CURRENCIES including the Iraqi Dinar at most of their Kiosk in the Mall across the USA. Link; Plus, you should inquire with the US Treasury, which authorized the Dinar Dealers within the US to sell the Iraqi Dinar. Dont forget, it was the US through the Federal Reserve Bank that printed the Iraqi Dinar for Pres Bush’s invasion and rebuilding process of Iraq.

      Here’s FACTUAL information from a Dinar Conference held on Jan. 11, 2014 with Mr. Paul Bremmer, who was assigned over the Iraqi Rebuilding process under President Bush. Link:
      Now when you listen to the call, you will hear that Mr. Paul Bremmer confirmed that the US transported over 27 C-130 Planes with Iraqi Dinar in the amount of about $30 Trillion to Iraq for the economic rebuilding process. Link:

      Finally, the reason the Iraqi Dinar revaluation hasn’t came to fruition is due to the Iraqi President Mr. Maliki, that President Bush put into office that has turn into another SADDAM HUSSEIN. But, now since the Democratic Electoral process has just taken place on April 30th, 2014, the new Iraqi President will be installed shortly and then the revaluation should be instituted as all Govt parties have stated. The Iraqi citizens have been dealing with a WORTHLESS currency since 2003, but not for long.




      I hope this FACTUAL information has enlighten you on this process. WAR is big money and one just has to understand the WAR CONCEPT like those at the top who benefit from WAR. Why do you think they keep having them?

      Plus, my partners and I have been buying the Iranian Rial currency, since its under US Sanctions and valued under 1/10th of a penny, but not for long, as soon as they finalize a Nuclear agreement next week and then their currency rate will be re-instituted in the International Markets.

      Remember, ALL neighboring countries around Iraq, their currency values are $3.50+, so what makes you think Iraq will stay at 1/10th of a penny value rate, when their pumping over 4 Million Barrels a day. Their Oil Minister just stated, Iraqi will be pumping over 300 Million Barrels a month in 2014, at a 1/10th of a penny currency rate, Come on. Link:

      Finally, Jesus said, out of His own mouth, He was coming back and its been 2014 years, so is that a LIE? You don’t need FAITH for this, you need patience and were at the finishline of this blessing. I would take a bullet to know, this is REAL.

      Google, Donald Trump Buys $30 Million of Iraqi Dinar and tell me, if he invest in SCAMS? PLEASE do your research and talk to credible sources not people full of doubt.

      Be Blessed..

    • Mark

      mbe – “If it was a scam, why did the banks sell dinar to customers 3 years ago?”

      LOL you have that back to front. Banks sold Dinar for people travelling to Iraq just like every other currency. They STOPPED selling Dinar because of the scam!

  • Joe Pepe

    The news needs to stop posting this as a scam, it makes the news look bad. Cd’s on 3 months over there pay 8.5%. Anyone can invest in a Iraq CD after getting approval through Arab chamber of commerce. Over the pay 3 years I made 3000. In CD’s alone. Iraq just purchased billions worth of gold to stabilize the currency.

    • Mark

      Why should the news stop posting the truth? CD’s & ISX stocks are entirely valid investments. Sticking $1,000 worth of hyper-inflated non-undervalued banknotes in a drawer for a decade hoping they’ll become $3.5m is not.

  • baghdadinvest

    Neither 3 years ago or at any time in the past did the bank suggest or infer the purchase of IQD would enable the ROI of upwards of 100,000%.

    Soon after realizing the purchasing was not being done for those travelling to Iraq for business / tourism they concluded it was in the interests of the people to stop selling.

    The banks did nothing wrong, for this very moment you may step off a plane at Baghdad International Airport and proceed to exchange your USD into IQD for your needs while in Iraq.

    At no point is the Exchange Bureau suggesting the currency will shoot up +100,000%. He is merely doing a straightforward buy and sell transaction.

    Not all is black and white, MBE.

    By your reckoning, if it was a scam you might say why would the Central Bank of Iraq say so. Answer being, the job of the CBI is to sell their currency to the highest bidder. Never, has Iraq or an Iraqi said they have a currency which will shoot up in value. It is so called Guru’s on the internet who are making the suggestions but the Iraqi’s who are getting the blame for when it never happens.

    Not because Iraq does not want it to happen, every Iraqi would love for their 25,000 dinar note ($21.51 now) to be worth $25,000-$87,500 each, they would love that.

    Unfortunately in order for that to happen you need Iraq to suddenly have 5x planet Earth’s of money or 13,920x Iraqi sized economies.

    Prewar: 20 billion dinar x 3.22 = 64 billion USD
    AfterWar: 87 trillion dinar x 0.00086 = 75 billion USD.

    Those are the only numbers you need to know, in order to realize Iraq is not at a loss in value.

    Hope you can gain sense of the “investment” you have made.


  • Joe Pepe

    You can’t deny 8.5% return on a 3 month CD. Warka-bank is doing this! U am doing this

  • baghdadinvest

    Joe, there are many legitimate trade deals taking place with Iraq. I am aware of people importing goods into Iraq and the goods being snapped up. I am aware of the Iraq Stock Exchange performing well. I am aware of property prices going up. I am aware of new oil wells being opened up.

    Many positives are happening.

    But the purchase of paper currency has zero effect on or zero effects from what is happening above.

    Try to detach the two and take stock of where the real issue here is.

    Let’s see what this interview is going to say, they mentioned above about speaking to representatives from the “IMF, World Bank & more”.

    These very sources are spoken about daily by the likes of TNT Tony (an infamous jerk / Guru of all thing dinar) although not on camera or in public, just behind closed doors. These very same people are about to blow the lid off.

    I appreciate you may have difficult in accepting your investment having been a lie, perhaps even questioning your gullibility levels, with time you will overcome as is seen by the thousands who have worked out what this really is.

  • Mike Rothschild

    Investing in cash dinars under the impression that they will “RV” is a scam, pure and simple. There is no mechanism by which money simply skyrockets in value with the stroke of a pen, especially not in a country still struggling with sectarian violence and a primitive banking system.

    What probably will happen in Iraq at some point is a redenomination, which is the slicing of zeroes off a hyper-inflated currency. This has happened many times in many different nations. But the idea that trillions of dinars will suddenly “RV” into trillions of dollars is ludicrous and not based in reality.

    • Zane

      If you come from the areal Rothschild family then you are part of the most crooked family to walk the earth. Therefore your words are lies as is the rest of them.

  • Zane

    Did Argentina recently not devalue their currency by 50% in one day by revaluing it? Yes they did. Countries revalue their currencies all the time. This has been going on for years and certain people have made large profits. The undue with thus is it got to the social media and ither new outlets. I feel bad for the US a Treasury because they have billions in their possession as well as many other governments.

    • Mark

      Not by 3,500,000% they didn’t. And “devalue” makes your “investment” go DOWN. LOL.

  • Lad

    Who has the most to lose??? Those who believe and invest a few hundred dollars or those who disbelieve and do nothing.

    Nothing ventured nothing gained.

    The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.
    Next is accepting something you don’t know anything about.

    • JDnMonrovia

      “Who has the most to lose??? Those who believe and invest a few hundred dollars or those who disbelieve and do nothing.”
      The people who invest, obviously. DUH!

  • Jason

    Interesting link. Starts at about 7 minutes and 30 seconds does he mean invest in the countries stocks or in the currency?

    I know a lot of people that have invested into the Iraqi dinar including my self, but I don’t have the radical vision that others have for this investment.

    • baghdadinvest

      Great video Jason, but one question.

      Are you relying on a misspoken word? When he says revalue he likely means redenomination, as in relinquishing 3 zeroes from the currency while printing new tender.

      Sir, no document, link, brochure, translation can compete with the following FACT.

      You can say anything. But you will never debate or disagree that a revaluation of the currency of Iraq is a mathematical impossibility.

      The math simply does not work and when it does not work we have to conclude that the motive is wrong.

      Prewar: 20 billion dinar x 3.22 = 64 billion USD
      AfterWar: 87 trillion dinar x 0.00086 = 75 billion USD.

      What does this mean??

      Bread used to cost around 1 Dinar per loaf in Iraq back when they had a small money supply of under 20bn Dinar. Today, bread costs 1,250 Dinar in Iraq because the Dinar has been hyper-inflated and Iraq have printed 87,000bn (87tn) units, ie, they now have several hundred times more paper Dinar all chasing each $1 worth of real Iraq economy.

      Do you expect them to simply take all 87 trillion dinar and value it at $0.01? $1.00? $3.22?

      hahahhaha for real?? lol

      No news article or report or speech or “secret contact” is going to change it. The RV was a mathematical impossibility! It was no longer a matter of opinion. It was not debatable.

      You are treating the RV as if it’s just a bunch of differing opinions. You think any of them could be right depending upon decisions that are made by various politicians in the future. That’s wrong. That’s like believing two plus two could equal five if some important person in gov’t decreed it. It is simply not possible. Two plus two will never equal five. Ever. Under any circumstance. It wouldn’t matter if the most powerful people in the world wanted it to be so.

  • Joe Pepe

    I have a Warka Account. I already made 3000.00. You are in absolute denial. Be broke your whole life and never take risk, let’s see how far you go. You obviously have to much time on your hands. Let me repeat myself. I have Warka Bank Account for over 2 years now and I made 3000$ dollars by only investing 4000 and putting it in 3month CD’s at 8.5%.

    God bless

    • Mark

      You are extremely confused Joe. Iraqi CD’s have nothing to do with the Dinar “RV” scam. Neither do ISX stocks. Did you make $3,000 buying banknotes then sticking them in your sock drawer? No. You actually DID something with your Dinar (as do ISX investors),but that’s not what the “RV” scam is about though, so it doesn’t apply to you.

  • baghdadinvest

    I know Iraqi’s who have done well on commercial propertyi n Baghdad, does that mean the dinar is still a scam? yes.

    The fuzzy logic or how to compare apples with pears………

  • Tom

    Bagdhad invest, why are you being so negative toward this Dinar RV? What do you get from it? If investors believe in Dinar so much just let them keep buying it.

    The benefits must be there for you. Say, If high percentage of Dinarians sell back their IQD, if trillions of IQD pouring back into CBI bank, you probably get your incentive, right? lol

    • baghdadinvest

      I am not being negative. I have not taken a negative approach with sharing my findings and that of the many who frequent my blog.

      What do you want me to do?

      Be quiet and not share our research? Leaving you in that little bubble?

      The fact is, the RV of the dinar is a scam because the numebrs equate to a mathamatical impossibility.

      This is not me being negative or exerting emotion into the conclusion. This is simply facts.

      Detach your emotions from your investment Sir. You did not marry the Dinar as you would not marry a stock.

      But anyone or anything contrary to a massive RV is considered “negative” and promptly banned.

      The CBI has $80bn-$90bn of reserves to back those, which is why you have a negative 1000:1 rate of exchange. No matter what planet you come from we all should be able to agree that you simply can not back 88,000bn Dinar with only $85bn reserves at a 1 for 1 rate

    • Mark

      The ONLY people making money off the Dinar are the scammers selling it for 20% more than its worth and the absurd “guru’s” who make up to $7k per week on “conference call” revenue. Neither the “investors” (LOL) or “naysayers” are making anything off of it.

  • Andrew Reed

    Hi Baghdad invest hope your well and thanks for banning me despite it not being me posting from a proxy IP. I have been thinking and I am going to sell half my dinars and put it on the ISX instead. I have a warka account so it would be relatively easy to do once I get the relevant stamp from the Iraqi embassy. If the IQD is revalued then I will still gain via the ISX. If the dinar lops well I get a reverse stock split but still the chance to make money as the Iraqi economy improves. Say hi to shaker Dinarck ect. Some advice make your site more friendly and start marketing the isx instead of concentrating on the dinar supposed scam!

  • truthshall

    Many of us don’t really care if you think it’s a scam. Like many people that buy lotto tickets, it’s a chance we take. We bought dinars years ago. It’s an interesting investment. All they nay saying in the world will not change us. LOL

    • baghdadinvest

      I bought a lottery ticket earlier. The lady was very kind and selected the 5 lines at random for me. She even gave me a smile.

      But the comparison stops there as she did not offer any of the following statements:


      • Mike Rothschild

        The sure sign something is a scam is if it comes with a lot of meaningless jargon.

        Terms like GCR, RV, RI, contract rate and others literally mean nothing. Others, like 800 number, call center, cashout, dirty float, crawling peg, “going to the bank” and NDA are real terms that are used in a false context.

        None of it means anything.

  • truthshall

    baghdadinvest I totally agree, some of those people are liers and should not be in this investment, some have been prosecuted for lying just to get people to buy dinar, but the dinar in itself is the totally legal currency of the Country of Iraq. Having been involved with the dinar for almost 10 years, I weed through the lies easily. That’s not to say that more vulnerable people would and that’s where the rub lies. Still there are many things involved, more then many can imagine, for the Central Bank of Iraq to decide when and if they are going to RV their currency. That’s why we watch and and have the patience to wait… ;o)

    • baghdadinvest

      Appreciate the reasoned response but when all is well it still negates the fact that a revaluation is a mathematical impossibility.

      Trying to second guess the CBI is all well and good, but when you have a GIGANTIC matter of needing to find 5x planet Earth’s of money or 13,920x Iraqi sized economies it leaves a lot to be desired of the person who still holds the belief it could or should happen.

      Meanwhile it just so happens that the American brokers are selling those banknotes at +20% their market price.

      Which is exactly what the scam is…

      20% of $1,000 worth of Dinar sold = $200. Now do the same to 2,000x customers and you’ve just made $400,000 profit…

      Some of those will wake up to the scam and sell it back – let’s say 30% do that. So 30% of 2,000x customers = 600x customers. So you rip them off another 5-10% premium, and that’s another $30,000-$60,000 profit made.

      But it gets better – now you get to resell their “cashed in” banknotes at another 20% to 600x more customers – for free! So you rip them off by 20% or so. So that’s ANOTHER $120,000 sold.

      Total profit made for Dinar sellers = $550,000-$580,000 – from selling inflated banknotes at ripoff premiums to 5,000 customers.

      Total profit made for Dinar “investors” = minus 20 to minus 30%. You aren’t even going to break even…

      It’s fantastic work if you’re dishonest enough…

  • truthshall

    Answer me this: Why would FINCEN allow the iraqi dinar to be sold if they are here to protect the consumer, if dinar is so bad as many say? They know the money services businesses have been selling dinars for years. Could it be that they feel the dinar is a safe investment. Iraq is rich in many ways: oil, gold, phosphate, sulphur, rich enough to have a currency with some buying power eventually imo.

    • baghdadinvest

      Any United States entity that buys or sells currency, including Iraqi dinars, in amounts of more than $1,000 U.S. to any one person in one day may be a money services business under FinCEN’s regulations at 31 C.F.R. Section 103.11(uu)

      “Moreover, even if the business is registered with FinCEN, that registration does not guarantee that the business is in compliance with other Bank Secrecy Act requirements or with applicable state law.”

      Page 41:

      Selling the dinar is not an issue. It is being sold as a collectible.

      Currency operators can often get around this by signing a form with the U.S. Treasury Department calling them “money service businesses” and marketing the currency as if it was a collectible.

      That is why you have the many marketers to flood the internet with “good” news to convince and portray an image of it, being a surety.

      Telling me Iraq is rich, is not enough to convince me Iraq is able to back an RV. Maybe for others they will take it as gospel and accept it to be the case but I know a lot more than most.

      The Dinar is NOT backed by oil. Nor is any other oil-rich country’s currency (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, Canada, Russia, etc).

      Iraq has 143 billion barrels of oil. This only equals about 8 percent of the total known oil supply. Compare that to Canada’s 179 billion barrels

      The CBI has $80-90bn worth of non-Dinar assets (dollars & gold) to back 87,700bn Dinar. That’s why it’s pegged rate is where it is under 1000:1..


    • Mark

      Because there’s a loophole that allows MSB’s (Money Service Businesses) to sell them if they don’t pump it, and guru’s to pump it if they don’t sell them. The second they combine the two, they can indeed get shut down for fraud.

      Example Cease & Desist Order for “US Dinar Bank”:-

      “Pursuant to Corporations Code section 25532, US Dinar Bank, US DinarEx and David Pratt are hereby ordered to desist and refrain from offering or selling or buying or offering to buy any security in the State of California by means of any written or oral communication which includes an untrue statement of a material fact or omits to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading.”

      Iraq are planning to redenominate / lop / delete 3 zeros. Any Dinar seller who claims that’s some get rich quick “RV” is making a “material false statement”, and can be shut down (and several already have).

      Iraq is not “rich in many ways”. Iraq owns less than $2bn of gold, and that’s not going to “back” turning a $74bn currency (88 trillion Dinar at 1166:1 rate) into a dumb $350,000bn currency (88 trillion Dinar at stupid $35 rates). As Baghdad Invest said – that’s more money than in over 40x planet Earth global economies – all for a country smaller than Canada – who sells just $100bn of oil per year – a blatantly obvious scam that’s not just unlikely but literally 100% impossible.

    • baghdadinvest

      Hi Brad,

      Afraid to say the Kuwait RV has no truth at all.

      All that occurred in Kuwait was a temporary spike in the black market value of the KWD *inside Kuwait only* as a short-term panicked response to Iraq trying to replace the currency. The international value did not change vs the USD, and there was zero “RV” at any point. A good analogy of what happened would be like saying “Due to a water shortage during hurricane Katrina, some people in New Orleans were panic-buying bottled water for $10-20 instead of $1, therefore Bush must have revalued the Dollar 900-1,900% and everyone’s $ outside the USA must have been worth 10x more!” It’s the same total gibberish claim.

      The annual KWD vs USD values are in plain sight on the Kuwait Central Bank’s website for all to see:

      At no-point did any “Kuwaiti RV” or massive change in value / correction take place. The Kuwait Dinar Revaluation did not fluctuate internationally in value by more than about 4% from Series 3 notes in pre-war 1980′s to Series 5 notes in 1995. In fact, today’s 2013 Kuwaiti Dinar vs USD is barely 2.1% higher than 1986′s value! The “Kuwaiti RV” and “people made millions off the KWD” are total baseless fantasies fabricated by mentally confused / chronically dishonest & financially illiterate pumpers who’ve been lying through their teeth about this nonsense for years.

    • truthshall

      We had been offered the opportunity to buy some Kuwaiti dinar, but turned it down listening to the “naysayers” (as we are now lol). Our friend disappeared with his family after he bought his. We only estimated that he made 70 million. He worked for the government so had direct contact with the money. So when some of you say you know the whole story and facts, “open mouth and insert foot”. LOL

      • Mark

        “We had been offered the opportunity to buy some Kuwaiti dinar, but turned it down listening to the “naysayers” (as we are now lol). Our friend disappeared with his family after he bought his. We only estimated that he made 70 million.”

        Then your “estimates” are false. He didn’t make anything off of it because it simply didn’t change in value vs the USD. You need to change your screen-name – “truth” is the last thing you’re speaking…

  • Seck

    All i can say is, the IQD will go up in value. This has come in statements from the CBI itself. Know one knows when if or when ti could happen, Dr Shabbie himself has said this. The holding o this currency is not a risk or a fools game. Many Stocks investments can just as easily lose your money on there is no sure thing in life. As long as you do not get all tangled in to the hype of the investment. As Jim Kramer said ( I think owning the IQD is good ) should shed some light on to buying the IQD.

    By Seck

  • truthshall

    Have you checked out the gold in Iraq’s ground? Not just talking about the CBI gold. Also, Iraq has the world’s largest sulfur reserves. The second largest phosphate reserves, and a quarter of the worlds natural gas reserves. Like I said, Iraq is a very rich country. I’m sure FINCEN thinks dinar is being sold only as a collectable. They are smarter then that.

    • baghdadinvest

      You keep saying…. Iraq is very rich… but what does very rich mean?

      Richer than Canada?

      Richer than Kazakhstan?

      Very rich is incredibly broad and does nothing when needing precision with the numbers to establish whether or not there is a possibility.

      No matter which way you look at it, minerals or not the Iraqi dinar “RV” is an impossibility.


      87 trillion dinar x 0.00086 = 75 billion USD.

      In order for that to happen you need Iraq to suddenly have 5x planet Earth’s of money or 13,920x Iraqi sized economies.

      My friend, the numbers have been crunched time and time again.

      Iraq has got itself into a position of printing an astronomical amount of Dinars. This is not a problem, life functions.

      They have said time and time again, if they will do anything it will be a re-denomination whereby 3 zeroes are deleted.

      Nobody gains and nobody wins.

      __Simple Question__

      Do you think Iraq has what it takes to find 5x planet Earth’s of money or even 13,920x Iraqi sized economies?

      • truthshall

        baghdadinvest, Well, it’s obvious that the amount of riches Iraq has compared to what the world has is tremendous. That, I hate to say, was a dumb statement on your part. “Richer then what”? Why don’t you go get some sleep. You’re losing it! LOL Nobody said those riches would cover an RV immediately. It was interesting to see what you guys had to say, but nothing has changed my mind yet. good nite all

      • baghdadinvest

        I am not here to change your mind.

        You are the one asking the questions because clearly you feel as though you have been mislead over the years.

        You are asking the most basic questions and the most basic answers are enough to clarify definitively, conclusively and firmly that the Iraqi dinar when purchased for investment purposes is indeed a scam.

        Good night, dream of those riches :-)

      • Mark

        truthshall “Well, it’s obvious that the amount of riches Iraq has compared to what the world has is tremendous.”

        No it isn’t. Iraq’s entire oil economy $210bn is smaller than tiny Finland. The Dinar is a PAPER FIAT currency. It is not “backed” by any natural resource nor is any other Gulf state. Iraq sells their natural resources – then SPENDS THE INCOME on running the govt and rebuilding the country. The money isn’t “surplus” for increasing the currency value. LOL.

        Like many “RV investors” you can’t even figure out the basics of where Iraq’s “resource revenue” actually goes in reality.

    • Mark

      “Have you checked out the gold in Iraq’s ground?”

      You mean the 2-year old article that talked about “atoms of gold in thousands of tonnes of dirt” that’s lead to no increase in gold mining? LOL. Pure guru koolaid…

      ” Also, Iraq has the world’s largest sulfur reserves”

      “The Dinar will be backed by sulphur”. ROFL. Get a grip of yourself. The Dinar isn’t “backed” by anything. And every country has natural resources of one kind of another.

  • truthshall

    Mark: I love people that ASSUME someone is saying something, so they “think” they can prove their point with a counter attack. You need to make sure the statement made by them is actually what was being said. You only prove yourself out to be stupid.

  • truthshall

    Mark: I love people that ASSUME someone is saying something, so they “think” they can prove their point with a counter attack. You need to make sure the statement made by them is actually what was being said. You only prove yourself out to be stupid.

  • Guy Ohlhausen

    Sue, people don’t seem to understand that other people can look up and verify comments made. I looked up CNN dinar exchange and they do not suggest you invest in the dinar. Read the articles. Look up Marcus Curtis With Dinar and you might if your smart start understanding how currency works also John Jagerson can also explain it to you, don’t listen to gurus who are not educated in currency. Don’t get scammed by greed cause that’s what this is about.

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