The Lost Bible Homecoming

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Tonight we are getting results.. in the search for the rightful owners of a hundred year old bible.

We first brought you the story of the lost bible in January.

Kaitlyn Ducote found the bible in North Carolina. The bible had the owner's names William and Carrie Dunn.  A lists of family births they wrote in it.

"Their children William, Charles and Carolyn." Kaitlyn Ducote said.

A couple of keepsakes, some rose petals, a picture, and a 1937 California chauffer's license issued to one of the Dunn's sons.

We took action and asked you to help us get results to help find the bible's family.

Many of you sent in great suggestions and potential leads, but it was this email from Wanda Capps that put many of the pieces together.

Wanda Capps loves genalogy.

"She got me into it in 1999, my daughter did." Wanda said.

Together, they have found many branches of their family tree.

"Some of them back into the 16-17 hundreds. It’s so much fun!  It’s like finding a puzzle piece, putting that extra nother puzzle piece in." Wanda said.

"And that’s what you did for us because this was certainly a puzzle." Lee said.

"Well as soon as the news program was over I went straight to the computer and stayed up until 1 o’clock looking for it." Wanda said.

Wanda started on and searched for Carrie Dunn.

"This one in particular here, there were some things about it. It was the Downingtown, Pa which was correct, the William there was a son named... So I went to the 1940 census…there was William and Caroline and there were twins..Then I went to the 1930 census, well there was the John E which you had found the I believe a driver’s license for John E. I thought well that fits also…" Wanda explained her search.

Hours of family tree searches, cross referencing 1930 census and the 1940 census. Looking for any clues... and that's when she found the piece!

In the wedding registry, William Dunn and Carrie were listed, just like in the bible.

She even found a picture of Carrie. Wanda started looking for their children.  She searched obituaries and found a son.

"George F Dunn had a picture scrolled on down and there was PA so I went to that … I had it… It had marriage certificate showed where they were married, then it had his obituary." Wanda said.

Son of the late William and Carrie Dunn, survived by his sons..

"He didn’t die until 2009 so there were a good chance that these children would still be living somewhere. Here was the Alan Dunn name, I went to the white pages, Alan Dunn, Downingtown, PA in the with pages, emailed name and phone number my husband said maybe you should go call them, I said no, I’ll let them.’’  Wanda said.

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