Rogersville To Get Weather Siren Coverage

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Early warnings during severe weather events come from many different sources now days.

Whether from phone apps, television, weather radios or outdoor weather sirens, all can play an important part in saving lives.

For several years now, the town of Rogersville has been without an outdoor warning system - but that will be changing soon.

Pictures of the destruction left behind in Limestone County last week by a tornado are still fresh on the minds of many in north Alabama.

Just a few miles west of Clements, the town of Rogersville escaped virtually unharmed from the storms.

Rogersville assistant volunteer fire Chief Morris Lentz helped with rescue efforts last week in Limestone County.

He says he saw the importance of an early warning system up close and personal.

“Even though one life lost is too many, I think it’s a testament to that area over there, early warnings save lives and that certainly happened in Limestone County,” stated Lentz.

And that’s why Lentz has been on a mission to get an outdoor weather warning system in Rogersville.

Currently there is not a weather siren inside the town limits, and hasn’t been one for several years.

“As a matter of fact it was an old World War II era air-raid siren,” explained Lentz. “That siren I guess about five years ago finally played out.”

This week Lentz and the Rogersville town council received word they will be getting three outdoor weather sirens through a federal grant.

And Lentz wants to remind residents that outdoor weather sirens are not the only warning system they should rely on during severe weather.

However, he believes they will finally give some comfort to the residents once they are installed.

The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency says in all, 12 outdoor weather sirens have been funded through grants and will be erected over the coming months.

Lauderdale County will have a total of 75 outdoor weather sirens once this group is installed.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Don’t let “them” forget Rogersville!!!

    Joe hold their feet to the fire as when we left your parking lot the tornado was just 15 minutes behind us!!!

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