Madison Co. Commission Passes Reimbursement Resolution

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The Madison County commission is trying to help spouses of deceased employees. Dozens of the surviving spouses lost insurance when the county switched insurance plans last January.  They thought they’d have coverage for the rest of their lives. But the rug was pulled out from under them. The commission came up with a solution to help offset costs for those left behind.

Commissioners approved a reimbursement resolution this morning. It will provide reimbursement for medical costs up to 200 dollars for 24 months for those employees.  County commissioner Roger Jones has been pushing for the resolution to be approved.  He knows the spouses depended on their healthcare, and it disappeared right before their eyes when the county changed plans.  And commissioners didn’t realize that would happen. Jones says, “It was taken away but we did something today to rectify that, at least we’ve got some coverage for them for 24 months.”

The resolution initially offered 150 dollars reimbursement for 24 months. But a retired county employee got up and told commissioners she worries about what the future holds for her and her 82 year old husband. The commission agreed that wasn’t enough, and upped the ante.

Jones said, “The cost was close to 150. The 200 will help cover some of the people who has to pay a little more.” Jones is okay with 24 months of support. He says it’s at least a start, “That’s better than what they had,” he added.

The commission can always revisit the issue and reevaluate the resolution if members see a need for an extension. Jones added, “I am really happy that this passed today and I know a lot of spouses of deceased retired employees will be happy.” The spouse has to present proof of payment to get the reimbursement from the county. Right now, the resolution affects a total of 29 people.

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