Publix Opens Downtown Huntsville Store

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's been a project months in the making. The Publix at Twickenham Square officially opened for business Wednesday. City leaders and Publix managers cut the ribbon outside Huntsville's newest grocery store.

The store's manager counted a few hundred people walking aisles since 7:00 Wednesday morning. It appears Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is not the only person happy to see this new store.

Publix Store Manager Chris Sheffield shouted, “Good morning, Huntsville!”

“Good morning,” replied a crowd of people waiting to shop inside the store.

The store manager's announcement made months of planning a reality. A ribbon cutting made things official.

Mayor Battle calls Twickenham square a public-private partnership.

“There`s the public section of it which is your parking garage. This is your private section of it which is stores that are opening,” said Mayor Battle.

He believes Publix serves a need to the area.

“We got some part of the quality of life. We got a development in downtown Huntsville that drives our downtown. This is a great project,” added Mayor Battle.

Karen Corp does not need the mayor's convincing.

“I work at Harrison Brothers, so am all about downtown. I love this. I love Twickenham Square. Welcome to Publix,” said Corp.

Rosa Kilpatrick is familiar with the grocery store chain, but was not sure what to expect with the downtown Huntsville store.

“I`m excited. The store is wonderful. They are saying it is small. This is great. It is just what I need. I am just excited for Huntsville and the community,” said Kilpatrick.

Both shoppers were thrilled about their travel time to the store. They had been traveling to the stores on Airport Road and Madison Boulevard. The downtown Huntsville store is only a few blocks from their home.

The store is a part of the $100-million downtown Huntsville project.

This is the 12th Publix in the Huntsville market. Around 100 people will work at the store.

The Publix at Twickenham Square is smaller than traditional Publix stores, only 28,000 square feet.

The store has grocery, dairy, frozen food departments. It also has full-service meat department, seafood, sushi counters and a bakery. There is also be a full-service pharmacy.

Regular store hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


  • concernedmom

    I’m excited about the new Publix, no more trips to the other side of town! Or dealing with Walmart! lol

  • Nuclear Mike

    Their lunch counter will be busy for sure for awhile…but the rest of the store was about deserted during the day and is just another Publix…priced about their 3 local competitors here in Downtown…parking problems & the fear of losing their shopping carts to all the homelless Downtown was the only real surprise…just another “box corporate store” & floor plan…

  • Nuclear Mike

    Gee Chad, ever notice how quickly your commentaries fall off the front e-news stories…?

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