Father Arrested For Protesting Racy Novel At NH High School

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An upset father ended up in handcuffs, after protesting the assignment of a controversial book at his daughter’s school.

As CBS Boston reports, the Gilford, New Hampshire father was arrested after he refused to stop talking at a school board meeting. He’d exceeded the allotted two minutes for comment.

William Baer said his 14-year-old daughter was assigned to read the book called “19 Minutes” by Jodi Picoult, for her Gilford High School English class without any parental notice.

There is controversial material in the book including a sex scene. “It reads like a transcript for a triple X porno movie,” Baer told CBS Boston. “We had no notice of it whatsoever, no written notice, no verbal, nothing.”

School officials argue the book has important themes and it’s been read in the school for years.

In the wake of this incident, the school department plans to revise its policy for letting parents know about books being read. It will move to an “opt in” notification that requires parents to OK the material rather than opt out.

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  • Betty Ann Motes

    Seriously? This book has been read in schools for years! What? The people who made the decision to allow this book to be read in school should be the one in handcuffs! Would you show this scene in a movie in front of the students? Then why would you think it is alright to read about it? Then arrest the father for going over two minutes in a meeting…and you call yourselves educated? I think not!

  • Gail Dyar Carter

    The schools want to blame the parents,when our children get in trouble, because we aren’t involved enough with our children s discipline. A father most definitely was watching over his and gets arrested. Come on now.. Seems we have idiots teaching our children. Could be this is the problem?

    • Tyko Mäkitammi

      Another conservative parent afraid of books, what a shocker. They’re so terrified that their precious little snowflake will become tainted by knowledge. Most conservatives wish they could lock their children away in their basements and shield them from the big bad world forever. How pathetic. Being afraid of ideas is a sure sign of intellectual weakness.

      • D C

        So you believe this about The Bible also? Does this rule apply? Some schools are punishing students for reading the Bible on their own time. Do you believe the schools are wrong for doing this?

      • HansJurgen

        So, libturds would think it’s OK to have porno magazine and books for kids to read since that is part of life? Maybe these GooberMINT teachers can then grope the kids exposing kids to an unfortunate reality as well.

      • Amber

        So you consider a sex scene in a book knowledge? How does that better a child’s intellect? Do you have children Tyko?

      • Branko Pezdi

        What knowledge do young people gain from amateurish writing from some obscure author? Perhaps your time would be better spent if you concerned yourself with public school reading lists that ignore the myriad examples of classic literature produced by humanity over thousands of years in favor of politically correct leftist mishmosh that now pervades public school reading lists.

      • Branko Pezdi

        “Being afraid of ideas is a sure sign of intellectual weakness.”

        LMAO at your hypocrisy. Isn’t this what YOUR liberalism is all about? Suppressing all ideas in favor of one “enlightened” totalitarian orthodoxy? Talk about pathetic!!

      • Karinttt

        Anything a child isn’t old enough to see at a movie theater, and requires parental guidance, is not acceptable for the “liberal” school administrators to assign as reading material… Snow White??? How about decent family values? I’m tired of liberal school teachers and administrators deciding what morals, religion, politics and sexual information my children should be exposed to. We’ve let that happen way too frequently and see where it’s gotten us? Children who cuss, curse, display violence towards not only each other but towards, their parents and teachers, who bully other children and basically have very little to none of the moral character needed to become a good human being as an adult. , A whole generation has been desensitized and ruined by so called “liberalism”…. by books, by movies and tv, and by liberal so called educators who believe that degree in education gives them some sort of superior insight into how to raise a child I champion this father for protesting. Wish I lived close enough and heard about it in time to protest with him.

      • Karinttt

        You’re an idiot! And we all know that you can’t teach idiots anything, otherwise they wouldn’t be called idiots!!

      • Ryan

        To Tyko I applaud you, and to all of these upright Christian conservatives perhaps you should actually read that book that you think is so much better. The Bible is a horrible, poorly written tale of bigotry and hatred. By all means home school your children, nobody wants you at the school board meetings where education comes before religion.

      • Say What

        Tyko, you can tell by the conservative blowhards that you are correct! They are all stirred up and tromping around like the Dinosaurs heading for extinction that they are!! Did you see that the Tea Party candidates lost big all around the country in the primaries yesterday? Yup, turn out the lights — the (tea) party is over!!!!

      • bill kupferle

        Once you understand the real world, your comments will become obvious to you that they are very childish.

      • concerned father

        I rather think you are just another “progressive” licking your lips to sex-up another young girl so you can use her up and toss her by the way when you get bored with her.

  • Skillpot

    Amen to Betty, and Gail! Goes to show you that only a few will stand up; when they do, against the liberals, they get into trouble!

  • Debra Toms

    Time to get the trash out of school. I applaud this father for watching out for his daughter. Hey Dad homeschool it is the only way to go

    • screw aarp

      Government run union schools. thats why Alabama is 42nd in the United States, in Education.

      • Say What

        Screwy, you are wrong again! It is becoming a pattern for you to be wrong. Where is your proof that it is the unions that cause schools to be bad. Show your proof or go run back under your troll bridge!

        Actually, Massachusetts has the best rated schools in America. They have a real teacher union, unlike the professional organization that we have in Alabama. Our State Constitution forbids state employees from being able to strike. Without the ability to strike, a group is not a union.


      • Branko Pezdi

        To Wake Up: Citing Massachusetts public schools is not a winning argument, as these schools perform poorly when measured against the REST of the industrialized world. In answer to your question, what OTHER reasons are there for American public schools to be so poor (despite the highest per capita expenditures in the industrialized world) than the simple fact that they are a government monopoly run by the unions?? Your nitpicking over the AEA “not” being a union is laughable. Plagiarizing from Wikipedia COMPLETELY, not partially as you do: “Though it is officially a professional organization, the AEA performs many of the same functions as a trade union, and is thus frequently referred to as such by the news media and other writers, as well as political opponents. (State law prevents public employees from being represented by a union per se, hence the designation.) As a professional association, AEA is not able to call for strikes or participate in collective bargaining.”

        Your standard and now ancient (decades-long) defense of the government school system in the U.S. is pitiable. RESULTS are what count, and as far as RESULTS (i.e. the real world) are concerned, U.S. government schools earn a big fat F.

      • Say What

        Branko and Screwy (the same person with two names), all American schools are inferior when using world-wide standards. That is not what is being discussed. This discussion is about what you called bad union schools. You may consider what the State Constitution says as “nit picking,” but I don’t. State Constitutions are the law of the land in each state. You offer only a poor assumption that unions “must” be to blame as your “facts!” Your knee jerk reaction to unions is always very amusing!

      • Say What

        Branko, using Wikipedia? Really? Even High School does not allow the use of Wikipedia!! Heck, you probably wrote that entry in Wikipedia!!

      • Branko Pezdi

        Don’t go there, Wake Up. First of all, I am NOT screw aarp and I don’t post under multiple aliases like you do. You have now called me a liar several times from behind the safety of your keyboard as the coward you are. You’re welcome to try doing it to my face any time. Second, I outted you months ago plagiarizing selectively from THE SAME ENTRY in Wikipedia on the AEA. Third, what exactly in the Wikipedia passage I cited is inaccurate? Fourth, private, charter and home schooled kids perform much better than government schooled kids on college admissions tests. Fifth, the prep school I attended can match up with any school in the rest of the world, as well as any post-secondary educational institution you may have attended (but most likely did not is my guess). (Let’s not mention, other than in passing, that the college and grad school I attended is ranked in the Top 10 in the world, and is a place you would have trouble landing a janitorial position). Sixth, and this is really funny, by YOUR OWN admission, “American schools are inferior when using world-wide standards”, but then you attempt to dismiss the monopoly of the government-union alliance as the cause, calling any attention to this fact as “union bashing”. Your ideologically based world view is frankly amusing and beyond pathetic. But hey, thanks for playing. Next game. I promise I’ll continue to have one hand tied behind my back.

      • With love from the Koch brothers

        Branko, your anger is interesting. That is what people do when they have nothing else to add to a discussion. I have no idea what you are talking about (as usual). I get whiplash from your bouncing around in a schizophrenic fit. No one ever said anything about the impressive schools that you attended. There are a lot of accusations concerning names on this forum. You have accused me of using several names, when I do not. Maybe I also wrongly accused you. In my defense, all you conservatives are using the same talking points. This does make you all sound the same!

        That big bad boogyman liberal “orthodoxy” is hear to stay. Society is moving more modern and liberal. I for one welcome that trend. I am sorry that the attend scares many people, but we can not go back — we only “progress” forward!

  • tim

    Arrested for talking. What law was broken ? Cops don’t enforce policies they enforce laws… I smell a lawsuit. I would sue the School , then the police officer personally. You are not protected from being sued if you violate civil rights. He wouldn’t get much from the cop but it will send the message to other gestapo that you can lose everything if you violate a citizen’s rights.

    • lyn

      The officer was only doing his job. He may or may not have been in agreement with what he was made to do. If you work for someone else then to keep your job you do what you are told. I don’t agree that the man should have been arrested. I’m not in favor of what some of these people think is educational material. My guess is that they don’t have children. If they do then they must not care what the child reads. We all have the right to decide what our children are subjected to. It seems to me with all the nasty talk, risqué clothing and out right disrespect our young people have now most of the parents must not care what children are given to read and what they see on television and at movies.

      • Robert Dion

        The policeman should know the law and not be told by some else how to do his job….no law was broken. Oh I’m disturbing the peace based on more rules and regulations made by some panel. You all are forgeting we are a free people and if it takes more then two minutes to express our opinion or get arrested must be in a part of the first amendment which I am not familiar!

  • Victor

    Another liberal teacher(school board) filling young minds with trash. I hope the father sues as I feel his civil rights were violated for voicing his opinion. How often do the council members get arrested for going over on their time or if they agreed with him would he have been arrested? Maybe the ACLU will get involved as his rights were trampled.

  • Branko Pezdi

    Funny isn’t it how this trash gets on a public school reading list, while classics such as Huckleberry Finn, Brave New World, To Kill a Mockingbird, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, A Clockwork Orange, James Joyce’s Ulysses have all been banned at one time or another.

    P.C. liberalism is not only depraved, it is INSANE.

  • Branko Pezdi

    I can’t even quote one sentence from this trashy novel without WHNT getting apoplectic and censoring my comment. But the passages from the book prove how ignorant and depraved the administrators and teachers who run the government schools are for even considering this as some sort of “classic literature”. I can’t imagine Shakespeare, Dickens, Mark Twain, Tolstoy, Steinbeck penning ANY of the passages in this novel. Oh never mind, the freshmen in this NH school have already read all of these authors and are now illuminated enough to read this secondary “literature”.

  • Branko Pezdi

    Perhaps if the students were reading Dickens and other similar classics, their writing and speaking of the English language would not be peppered with “like” “you know” and every swear word or sexual reference.

    What exactly is this book supposed to teach about the English language? Can we have a government school teacher of English explain this to us?

      • Branko Pezdi

        All public schools in America are run with the same liberal orthodoxy of the education establishment, characterized by leftist totalitarianism and intolerance which equates to gross incompetence. My real life example is Madison County High School, which my daughter is about to graduate from. She is a straight A student and will be attending Auburn as a computer science major, but her education at MCHS was pitiable, maybe 25% of what I studied at a Jesuit prep school. She attended Catholic schools through 5th grade and has said herself that she noticed a huge difference in standards and rigor between the Catholic and public schools even down at the grade school level. I attended MCHS Honors Day yesterday. Only 60% of the graduating class is going on to college (and 10% to the military). Of the list they read of colleges the MCHS Class of 2014 will attend, only Auburn (one graduate), Alabama (a couple of graduates), and Air Force Academy (one graduate) were upper tier universities, a far cry from the universties MY graduating class was accepted to at a 100% rate. Continue tilting at windmills James/Wake Up; the only thing you accomplish is to demonstrate your foolishness in public.

  • Household Six

    I wouldn’t be happy if my son read the book….but it’s not because I’m some bible thumping Christian or conservative. I don’t want my kid reading it because it’s not necessary for him to read something like that. What does he gain from reading it? Nothing. The last thing that needs to be on my child’s mind is sex.

  • Lightning Bug

    Branko Pezdi, I give you an A+! Hands down, you presented the most intelligent arguments. Personally, I can not help but wonder just how many of the above comments were posted by those who do not have a child.

  • J. Kelton

    Tyko, I, as a conservative parent, am neither afraid nor intent upon keeping my children locked up in the basement. I’ve never claimed to be a genius, but I am not intellectually weak. My children are indeed precious, but they surely aren’t delicate snowflakes. However, I have felt the urgent need to shelter my kids at times, as when my then 10-yr.-old was given a reading list with books that featured “important themes” such as premarital sex, suicide, child abuse, incest, adultery, promiscuity, pornography, cursing, teens drinking, smoking, and cutting school without negative consequences. If I allowed my child to watch an R-rated movie and then stand up in class to give a detailed description of graphic content similar to what is found in many books schools require students to read, that child would most likely be suspended!

  • Keepitreal

    I read this book and instantly thought it should be shared with highschool students. Violence and sex are two very hot topics in schools whether people want to admit it or not. Turning a blind eye and ignoring it is the reason children resort to exploration. My parents did let me figure it all out on my own and I think my choices may have been better decided if I had some open minded guidance. I talk to my children about everything, sex, drugs, guns, and religion. It’s not so much the content our children see or read it’s the parenting that means the most. If you lack the Abbott to talk to children AND listen then it really doesn’t matter what they read or see. They will develop opinions and ideas without you. It’s time to stop burning books and tearing apart education and get to the real root of the problem… Poor parenting….

  • Keepitreal

    I read this book and instantly felt all parents should read the book! Unfortunately this isn’t about book content or rated R movies this is about lack of parenting. Highschool students need to be exposed to what’s real and what’s in their face daily. Too many parents are turning a blind eye and students are forming their own opinions about these “hot topics” because parents are sheltering their children from it. If parents are going to burn books then they might as well cut the Internet and take away their smart phones because there is much worse out there they have access too. The content isn’t to blame it’s the parents that do all the talking and forget to listen. Self discovery and exploration is far worse than using a book to have open discussions.

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