Family Still Searches For Special Dog Lost In Limestone Tornado

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CLEMENTS, Ala. (WHNT) - We want to revisit a story we first brought you last week. Amber Buttleman lost her home and almost everything she owned when the tornado hit Limestone County.  When we met her, we asked if there was any one thing she most hoped to find.  She said, "Yes, my dog."  Turns out Romeo is a very special animal and the family is still looking for him as of Wednesday, May 7.

When we first met Amber last week, she and her mother were still sifting through the remains trying to find anything that was salvageable. There wasn't much. Her duplex apartment was disintegrated and her belongings scattered in the wind.  But, the one thing she hoped to find was nowhere to be found.

"My dogs were here.  I found my puppy.  He didn't make it.  And, my pit bull, we're still looking for him," Amber told us.

Turns out Romeo has a special talent.  You see, Amber's 8-year-old son, Anthony, suffered a stroke when he was just 6 weeks old.  He was left with a series of challenges, including seizures.  Romeo was able to spot the onset of the seizures and would alert Amber to what was happening.

So, as you might imagine, a special bond exists between the two.  For Amber, more important than even finding a new home right now, is finding her son's best friend.

Amber says she is convinced Romeo is still alive and wandering around someplace out there.  Frightened.  Alone.  Hungry, and maybe even injured.  And, certainly unable to understand why neither the home that he knew nor the people that he loved are where he can find them.  But, Amber says she will not give up looking for the dog because she says every day her son will ask, "Where's Ro-Ro?  When's Ro-Ro coming home?"

If you should happen to find Romeo or Ro-Ro as Anthony calls him, contact the Limestone County Sheriff's Department.  They're aware of the situation and will help reunite Romeo with his family.  The phone number is (256) 232-0111.

You can also call the following numbers, which are posted on Romeo's "missing" sign that is posted around the area: (256) 560-1814, (256) 221-1929, (256) 990-7590 or (256) 444-1757.  The family would be grateful for any help that brings Romeo home.

WHNT News 19 checked with the Athens Limestone Animal Shelter.  A representative said they had heard of the situation, but Romeo had not been brought in as of Thursday.  They said they'd keep an eye out for him.  The shelter does have several dogs that have been brought in since the tornado, large and small.  They said the community has been generous donating food and animal crates to help with the influx.  If your pet has been missing in Limestone County since April 28, please check with them.  They are not adopting dogs and cats brought in since last week, in order to give their owners more time to claim them.  The shelter is located at 1701 Highway 72 East and the phone number is (256) 771-7889.


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