Arab Man Charged with Aggravated Child Abuse Involving Infant

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ARAB, Al. (WHNT)- Arab Police have charged a man with aggravated child abuse involving an infant boy.  Arab Police say they charged Kevin Eugene Crabtree, 34, after being informed of possible abuse by the child’s grandmother.

Police say the grandmother told them the abuse happened while Crabtree and the child’s mother were using drugs.

Police say they found the 1-year-old boy with bruises to his face and a puncture wound to his ribs.  Investigators also say Crabtree had pulled some of the boy’s hair out by the roots.

Police say Crabtree denied purposely hurting the boy but did tell investigators he would sometimes play “slap the victim” and in doing so, the child fell, causing his injuries.

Crabtree is in the Marshall County Jail on $25,000 bond.


    • B

      No Doubt!! He doesn’t deserve to have a child, or a life! There should be zero tolerance for cases like these!

    • Beth

      Both this guy and the babies mother should be locked up for the rest of their lives…………probably meth addicts………..and the only chance of change in their lives is through salvation from Jesus Christ………..but the baby should be taken away from them and live with grandparents.

  • Janet Thompson!

    Let me at this idiot for a while! He needs his hair pulled out by the roots and a few slaps to his ugly head! Poor defenseless baby!

    • lukebandit

      Don’t forget the puncture wound!! He needs a mud hole stomped in him. Piece of garbage. I have a one year old grandson with loving parents who would FREAKING DIE for him and this ANIMAL can get out on 2500 dollar bond! Breaks my heart. Let’s pray that he can’t make that lower than low bail!

  • Patricia Magee

    What kind of “game” is “slap the victim”!!! That doesn’t sound to me like much of a “game”……. Not even adults would play that game!! Sounds to me like something he made up so he could abuse the child!! He NEEDS to go to prison~~ hopefully someone there will accommodate him with the same “game” he likes to play!!!

  • Jessica

    its sad that people like this are able to have children while others who are incapable of having them have to read this.

  • Linda Faulk Meadows

    If the mother was doing drugs and allowing this done to her baby, she is just as bad as him!!! Put her in jail too!!! And let someone have that child that would take good care of him. He probably doesn’t know how that would feel. Poor little boy!!!

    • countrygirl

      If you knew the whole story you would know that it is not true!! Kevin is by far perfect but a child abuser is not one the mother was not perfect by no means but if you know kevin you would know the truth but the truth will come out and the one who needs to pay for this will!!!!!

      • wow

        IF he not gulity !! Then why did he tell the police he play the slap game with a 1 year old????????????? Country Girl!!

      • Tim Fouts

        Kevin was so perfect.. he never did meth.. never abandoned his other children… never cheated on his wife…..never abused his kids… oh wait… Yah I have pictures on my phone that have already been shown to police when we went to go get the mothers stuff from the house… I don’t think chemicals from a science lab website, along with pain pills and rolled up tin foil have anything to do with cleaning house, him being in pain and… getting better tv reception?

  • Amanda

    $25,000 bond? Really? There should not be a bond! He should not be able to get out that easy, or at all, that’s just crazy!

    • aLaBaMa

      Exactly, what are the gov’t officials teaching these criminals by letting them go so easily?

  • aLaBaMa

    Lock both of them up!! They should never be able to have custody of this child again. Apparently the laws aren’t strict enough!!!! How many children have to suffer before anything is changed?

  • Janet Welborn Johnson

    They are both guilty of child abuse. They need to turn right around &, go right back &, pick her up too. You can tell by looking at him this is nor his first time in jail. Probably has a history as long as our arms.

  • Christy simpson

    I am a mother of four, and how any woman could let a grown man play slap the victim with a one year child is beyond me!!! They mother should be charged as well. Sorry excuse for parents!!!!! There is a special place in hell for them both.

  • soldier

    piece of crap. always has been and always will be and the mother is no mother at all. lock them both up and put them in general population. the inmates at the marshall county jail will beat the snot out of them both. yeah this punk stays in jail and the grandmother who told on him abused her children too. lock the whole family up and throw away the key…garbage rotten stinkin garbage.

  • soldier

    seems like the editors of this site did not like my last comments. so they did not show what i said. i said this guy is a piece of @*@* and has always been and always will be. the mother is no mother at all.. lock them both up and put them in general population so the inmates there will give them what they deserve. oh and the grandmother who told on him well she abused her children too and the whole bunch of them are sorry and not worthy to even get the three hots and a cot that they will get. i know these people they are all sorry including ol granny.

  • jeff massey

    “slap the victim”? sounds like a confession to me. Of coarse he was slapping the victim every time he touched the boy. slap the victim, with him being the aggressor and the little boy being the victim,it is a true and accurate description of the game they were playing.

  • jeff massey

    Someone that would hit a child would have no problem slapping the child’s mother.Women who get caught up with a sadistic manipulator find themselves in a very real life or death struggle.They are convinced that this person has power over them for whatever reason.The aggressor uses all the tricks learned in childhood that we all learn “DO WHAT I SAY OR I WILL HURT YOU”. The difference is most everyone learns to see other people as a reflection of themselves in that “I don’t want to hurt and so you shouldn’t want to hurt” and respect that.Then there are people like this guy that has de-humanized his victims and and cant relate to them as human.He cant feel human emotions for someone that isn’t human.

  • christy m

    Theres not a place in this world for. Drug infested idiots who have nothing to do but get high and beat a defenseless little angel i would love to have only 5minutes with this peice of scum god watch over this little angel

  • Martha

    Poor little baby. What a cruel, crazy, excuse for a man! He does not have the rights or deserve, to be called a father. I would love to slap the Poop out of him. Hope he gets the max sentence and the child is taken away and placed in a loving home!

  • Jeremy Cummings

    Good god you people are something else. Do you think maybe, just maybe we let this guy have a trial before we sentence him? Whatever happened to the notion that you were innocent until PROVEN guilty? I don’t know this guy nor do I know anything about this case, but I do know the police do not have to prove anything to charge someone with a crime. You people are ready to lynch this guy based on the fact the child had some injuries and the grandmother said the guy was the cause. Just think for a minute, what if your child had bruises all up and down their legs, which anyone with young, active children could tell you happens alot. Now imagine I contacted DHR and reported you were beating your kid. DHR investigates, sees bruises on your child and you have no explanation for how they happened. Now you get charged with child abuse. With the way you people are, you would be a dirty, rotten scum bag before you even had your first court date. Quit being sheep people, police make mistakes, that’s why you have a trial in the first place. Is this guy guilty, probably, but can’t we at least wait until he is convicted before we get out the rope and pick a nice tree.

    • Tim Fouts

      He has had multiple domestic violence charges and DHR has intervened with atleast 3 of his other children that I know of from a different woman. In the case of the 1 year old child.. I was at the DHR meeting for him to straighten up. I looked him straight in the face and said “prove me wrong”.. guess what? surprise.

  • Michael

    No matter how disgusting the charges every man deserves his day in court. Although, I can’t imagine what his defense could possibly be.

    Sounds like he was a dolt and ran his mouth to the police so the prosecutors should have enough to nail him big.

  • jeff massey

    Believe me, the man admitted to hitting the boy and that made him fall down and THAT’S what caused the injuries.Jeremy, can you be that ******* stupid?

    • Jeremy Cummings

      In what way are you asking me about my Intelligence? Did he make these admissions in a court of law? Did a jury find that his action were criminal? The answer, my ignorant friend, is no. He has not been found guilty. I would assume by your comment that you have some personal knowledge of the crime. Can we expect to see you testify at his trial? If not why exactly would I believe you?

  • Sherry Jackson

    lowlife sick a## people they need to start hanging these child abusers child molesters murderers and people with drug habits shouldnt even have visit rights to children

  • Red

    Outrage and sanctimony from average ol people! Outrage! Rar rar rarrrrr!!! How can a person be like that? Why… lets string him up, wrack him, cut off his legs, chop his head off! People who hurt other people need to be hurt by people!

  • Tim Fouts

    I would like to make a note to the editors of this site. This entire story is not quite accurate and I am not sure where this story came from. It was the great grandmother that filed a warrant. The mother filed a warrant as well and it was not mentioned at all that the mother had 2 black eyes and a knot on the back of her head where she was hit with a hammer.

  • shugg

    I think everyone of y’all need to stop judging this man you don’t know what happened. Or the fact that the mother is very spiteful and life to everyone.have you opions but you really need to stop hating on him till the whole truth comes out. You are talking about people’s relatives who are innocent themselves.. respect the family even if you have no respect for him.

  • sunshine

    I’ve read these post and almost all of you are seriously being just as horrible as these accusations. The mother has serious lying issues and the grandmother has vindictive tendencys as well… but y’all are saying all of this evil things not knowing if it’s true or not.keep in mind you are talking about someone’s son someone’s brother someone something. Can sad youahurt them by your harsh words and they are innocent in this.

    • Tim Fouts

      Hi, I am the uncle to the mother in this article and the grandmother they are talking about is my mother. About the mother having lying issues? I will not disagree because I have witnessed it in the past, However, I did see the 2 black eyes the night she got away from kevin. She finally said she was tired of his crap. took the kids and walked a mile down the road to a neighbors house and hid in the bushes. The neighbors came out and called the grandmother to come get her, then they called the police. As for the grandmother being vindictive I don’t think so. In all honesty you should be ashamed of even using the term revenge in a abused child article. Seriously what revenge is there to have?

  • Bobo

    God did not send us to be judges, but witnesses. His word also says “Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord” so that frees us to know He will take care of it. In God’s eyes sin is sin and as He stated “Ye who are without sin cast the first stone, and the people left one by one.”

  • Katy Burns

    People like him deserve to be put away forever he is a sick man and deserves not to have kids.

  • jeff massey

    God save the children. Family politics is meaningless in the bruised face of a child. In my lifetime, and especially as a child, it was everyone’s responsibility to care for the children.If something bad happened to a child,everyone was at fault.What happened to these values?As a child,I remember the instant justice doled out to family BY family for mistreating a child.Why did this make the news? Why didn’t a male family member take care of this when it happened?I pray that this should never happen in my family but if it does, the story would read much differently.It would be a report of an assault but not on a child.Mom,boyfriend,father,gramma,grampa,uncles and aunts are all guilty of turning a blind eye.If this was an ongoing problem, shame on all of you and anyone else that had knowledge of the abuse and did nothing. You are all guilty.

  • jeff massey

    hmmm, must have been everything else i wrote.anyone that knew about this abuse and said nothing are guilty.all the people that have commented with personal knowledge of the events, shame on you knew but yet said and did nothing to help this child but now you have something to say.the child is the only innocent one in all of many of you knew what was going on and yet waited until it made news to speak up. cowards each and everyone of you that knew and said nothing.

  • Glenna Fagan

    Don’t waste our tax money for a trial and keeping him up for years in jail. Hang him like they did in the good ole days. In the middle of the square for everyone to see. Don’t forget about the mother on drugs and allowed this to happen. She is just as guilty.

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