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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Rocket City is an entirely different place than it was when it was founded decades ago. Now city leaders are asking your help to shape what the city will look like decades from today.

"'The Big Picture" is what city planners are calling a huge 18-month undertaking to create a new city-wide, long-range plan.

Tuesday evening hundreds of residents meet with city leaders to look over the planning process and give their input.

This is the first time in more than 40 years for the city to embark on such a sweeping undertaking.

Huntsville's long-range urban planner, Dennis Madsen, and the city's planning director, Michelle Jordan,brought in Lakey Boyd, an Atlanta-based urban planning consultant to join in the effort.

You can get in on the process by visiting The Big Picture website, or you can Tweet about it using #bigpicturehsv

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Take a look at a YouTube movie created by the city for The Big Picture:


  • Nuclear Mike

    This appears to be like the old “Electric” attempt to plan for HSV and we all know how that turned out in the end…

  • Bill

    Citizens of Huntsville beware of plans that are put together by Tommy Battle and his friends(John Hayes,Dale Strong,etc.) They have their interest ONLY will it comes to establishing plans for Huntsville. They will step on ANYONE that gets in their way if YOU don’t agree with what THEY want to do. Huntsville is a GREAT city and it deserves to grow and be a place that citizens are proud of. There are those who have only their own intertest at heart($$$$$$$$).

  • My Two Cents

    Would be nice just to get basic city services. Called two different city departments during mid morning and got an answering machine in both department asking me to leave a message – this I did. Days later still waiting for a call back from each.
    Last October told Public Works about potholes. Five months later some still haven’t been filled in. Saw a patch truck drive over a pothole, fill in one on other side of a bridge they drove over but left four others some within inches of the one they did fill unfilled and never went back to fill in the one they drove over. Drive down Hobbs Rd or the road leading to the eastern bypass for instance and you will see patch on patch on patch. Lets repave the roads we have before paying to move businesses out and put in a new road to yet another mall being built this time behind Huntsville Hospital.

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