State Sen. Introduces Bill to Test Taxing Motorists per Mile

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Roads are expensive and it takes a lot of tax dollars to maintain them. So, should those who drive more, pay more?

AS CBS Los Angeles reports, the California Legislature is considering a voluntary program that would tax motorists for every mile they drive.

Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord) introduced the bill to test out a vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax – mostly due to a drop in revenues from the current gas tax. People are driving cars that get better milage and that’s hurting the bottom line.

California’s program could be modeled after others in Oregon and Washington. Oregon’s program for example, charges volunteers 1.5 cents per mile.

“We want to do as Washington and Oregon have done in a much bigger state with much longer commutes…to make sure that we find out whether it would work, whether the public would like it or not,” DeSaulnier told CBS Los Angeles.

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What do you think of a tax like this? Could it work in Alabama? Would you agree with one?


  • Steve Fuller

    In other news The American Tax Payer just wrote another check for 10 billion to another middle eastern country. Democrats are idiots. ….

    • Brian S.

      Amen brother. Commies. This isn’t about revenue. It is about further restricting Americans mobility. They are already in the process of restricting communication by handing over control of the internet to the third world. When will the country wake up to what is going on??

  • Skillpot

    Any ideas coming out of the State of California are bad! Lets get on with TERM LIMITS!

  • Victor

    What is this world coming to? What an idiot, I’m guessing these politicians are misspending our money and need more. As Steve wrote yes it will probably go to our enemies overseas. I would like to see if the sponsor for for this bill will “volunteer” to sign up to pay this tax or if he just expects us peasants to do so.

  • Bill

    The Democratic Party would fit in VERY well in North Korea. Their politics are about the same.

  • Michael

    How exactly do they find out how far you’ve been driving? The tax doesn’t disturb me near as much as this is yet another way for government to interfere in a person’s day to day life.

  • Ken Wagner

    It would be interesting to see which “volunteers” are paying this tax. I bet it’s not the high mileage drivers.

  • santaclausmama

    THEY TAX our food…water…clothes…homes…cars…and or pets.HELL, they even tax our purchases (again) for all the old STUFF we rebuy at THIRFT STORES…do we really NEED another tax? SOLUTION for the over SENDING: CUT all of THEIR…pay checks..a dollar for every breath they take.

  • Dan

    So let me get this straight – most Americans already pay taxes at the pump, car registration, and property taxes, and now the states want to ADD another tax in ADDITION to those? No thanks… Maybe this article missed something, but I’d consider it for a trade – i.e. tax miles and stop taxing the gas pumps otherwise heck no.

  • texkamaka

    DeSaulnier was active in Republican party affairs during much of his tenure as county supervisor. In September 1998, for example, he donated $200.00 to the United Republican Finance Committee of the Contra Costa County Republican Central Committee, thereby aiding Dan Lungren (R) in the gubernatorial race against Gray Davis (D), Matt Fong (R) in his U.S. Senate race against Sen. Barbara Boxer (D), Charles Ball (R) in his congressional race against Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D), and Allen Payton (R) in his Assembly race against Assemblyman Tom Torlakson (D).[5] Many of the candidates that DeSaulnier aided supported the anti-union Proposition 226 on the June 1998 statewide ballot.

  • ariel

    i agree i’d like to see their pay cut rather than another tax for us. we already give so much money for taxes and like the roads, we don’t get to choose what gets done and its usually something that will only get in most of our ways and not help us. after all huntsville and madison are more concerned about growth than the well being of the people already here, which is exactly why i plan to move out of state.

    • Dan

      Part of what bugs me is theunneeded/premature road fixes like Research Park Blvd. – I didn’t see any potholes it was fine, an extra lane would have been great for northbound afternoon rush traffic though…

  • SB

    What an idiot. People are driving cars that get better mileage to save money but there comes Sen. Mark DeSaulnier who wants to tax them for that too… I got an idea Sen. Mark DeSaulnier: What don’t you tax them for breathing the air in L.A.? Wait a second! The air in L.A. is un-breathable because of the pollution that cars are emitting… Damn if they do. Damn if they don’t. A stupid politician will always want to tax you for trying to survive…

  • Joey

    Sure, tax Americans more. Why don’t we focus on where money is wasted??? I guess that problem is too big to deal with.

  • Kevin

    “We the People” continually re-elect these officials to represent us. Officials are allowed to increase their own salaries; create or increase tax bases then allowed to miss-use it by giving to themselves, other countries and companies by voting without consulting the people who elected them. Anyone can say whatever they want to get elected then come up with some hair-brained idea and the only ones able to stop it is the same officials they are serving with. I agree setting term limits but clear accountability and proof of collections and expenditures across the board.

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