Report: White House Lockdown Lifted, Person in Custody

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Officials temporarily locked down the White House late Tuesday afternoon due to a security situation at a street entrance to the complex, according to CNN journalists inside.

The move came after a vehicle followed a motorcade into a secure area at 4:40 p.m., a U.S. Secret Service spokesperson said.

The driver was stopped by uniformed officers at the outer perimeter of a checkpoint at 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue and taken into custody, according to the spokesperson.

About one hour after it began, journalists inside the White House were told the lockdown had been lifted.

Due to tight security at the home of the President, even minor breaches can bring a lockdown.


  • Bubba

    This is what happens when you have a corrupt “Regime” attempting to destroy the Freedoms of The People. Wake Up Washington!

  • Bubba

    The “Regime” should be taken into Custody, NOT the so called “offender”! Why? Cause Stone Cold Bubba said so.

  • Jim

    This could of been a terrorist act and you trolls are talking about Politics? Go vote next time if you dont like who won the past 2 times…It is the American way for the winner to rule for 4 yrs.. Apparently the president has won 2 times in a row. Pretty fair and square elections so now you get to pull punches because you are dissapointed your guy or party didnt win.. Go get a life and grow up..

  • Sandy

    Hey Jim, Dictators rule, presidents are not supposed to rule, although this one is trying to be a dictator. And I did vote but all,those dead people and illegals out numbered my vote

    • screw aarp

      Sandy, Jim is like someone else on this fourm , they make statements then run back in their hole.

  • Bill

    ONLY two more years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Americans, Just need to hold on. We’ve been through tough times before. This recovery may take a little longer this time.

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