Wedding Dress Found In Tornado Debris

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) - You hear stories about photos, canceled checks and all kinds of things being carried away by tornados when they touch down. Well, in Limestone County a wedding dress has been found. It was wet and muddy and just lying in a field south of Highway 72. Now, some caring volunteers are trying to find the bride who wore it.

Here's something you don't find laying in a field every day - an old wedding dress. It appears to be quite old and is believed to have been blown from one of the hundreds of Limestone County homes damaged or destroyed by the tornado a week ago.

The woman who found the dress didn't know what else to do with it.  So, she brought it to the old Catfish Inn Restaurant on Highway 72.  That's the place we've been telling you about for several days where the wife of a volunteer firefighter decided she would open a distribution center for used clothing for the storm victims. When the volunteers saw the dress, they knew that was something special and they're trying to reunite the wedding dress with the bride.

"She had found it at an open field on Holt Springer Road. We wanted to just try to get it back with the owner because you never know.  It might be a family keepsake, passed down.  There might be a story behind it we don't know about," says Lyndsey Grindol, the volunteer who came up with the idea to find the original owner of the dress.

Lyndsey called ahead to Classic Cleaners in Athens.  They offered to clean the dress. We offered to deliver it to them.

"No, it's an older dress because these sleeves are kinda out now.  They don't do a lot of this," says Janice Jewell from Classic Cleaners.

The dress is a size 6 and there's a mark inside that says "DW009."  If it's yours or you might know who once wore it, let us know. We'll make sure it gets into the right hands.

Ms. Jewell at Classic Cleaners said it'll take them about a week.  But, they believe they can make the dress look like new. We believe the house it was blown from must have suffered extensive damage.  So, we'll post photos online in hopes someone will know where the wedding dress belongs.


  • Friend

    The dress belongs to Tammy Haddock. She lived on Holt Springer Road and her mobile home was blown away by the the tornado April 28th. She lost everything!

  • Lisa Neely

    praise God there are still good people in this world so sad to hear that the beautiful bride that wore the dress lost everything . but God does have a plan for us all

  • gwen erwin barnett

    This is great that she can get her dress back, this will be a great story for her grand kids. Bestok luck getting her life back together :-) :-) gwen

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