Some Limestone County Residents Still Without Power

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Crews have been working around the clock in Limestone County to replace utility poles and rehang power lines knocked down by the storms one week ago, but 1,400 people are still without power.

Shelia Wilbanks, of Athens, is one of those people without power a week after an EF-3 tornado tore through Limestone County.

She and her husband stay with family in Rogersville at night, but during the day, they are cleaning up their property and salvaging what they can.

"We stay here until nearly we can't see and then we go over to [family's] house," said Wilbanks, "and then we stay there and get up the next morning and come back."

Last week's storms dropped three trees on her home of 18 years on Shelton Road tearing holes in her roof and flooding her house.

"It's difficult, but you have to look at it as we're better than some people was," said Wilbanks. "At least we can rebuild ours and some people can't.

Without power, she was forced to throw away a fridge and a freezer's worth of groceries.

"It all thawed up, so we had to get rid of it," said Wilbanks.

Crews will continue to work non-stop in Limestone County until they can get everyone's power turned back on.

"I'm hoping maybe by the end of the week, I hope, but I know that they're doing the best that they can to get everything back on," said Wilbanks."

If you or someone you know is still without power, Joe Wheeler State Park is offering discounted rates for just storm victims. From Monday, May 5th through Thursday, May 8th, rooms at the Joe Wheeler State Park Lodge are available for $50 per night and campsites are available for $20 per night.

For more information about the rates or to book accommodations online, visit: Storm victims can also call the lodge at 256-247-5461 or call the campground at 256-247-1184 to inquire about the discounted rates.

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