Decatur Police: Man Defends Sister, Shoots Her Estranged Husband

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – Police are investigating a domestic shooting that happened before noon Monday at 1007 7th Avenue SW.

Police say they were called to the home because the homeowner, Jason Brown, and his sister, Joy McClimans, wanted Joy’s estranged husband to leave.  Officers warned Gary Lynn McClimans II to go away and leave the two alone.

Police say Gary McClimans left, but returned just a few minutes later and kicked the door in, which was locked.

Police say Jason Brown fired two shots from a 9mm pistol, hitting Gary McClimans twice in the chest.

McClimans was flown to Huntsville Hospital by Air Evac.

Police say they’ve been called to this home several times in the last two months.  Gary McClimans II lives in Trinity.  The investigation continues.


  • Joyce

    I am so proud that she had someone to stand up for her.. Good for her brother. I hope he will now stay away from her. It was hard enough to leave an abuser but even harder when he keeps harassing her.

  • Say What

    This is the FIRST story that I can remember where a gun was used properly. Before all of you start celebrating this story as an example against the big bad President Obama you need to consider that there is nothing that the Obama administration has asked for that would have precluded this man from shooting the intruder.

    • B

      Well I hate to tell you, but guns are used properly on daily basis, skeet shooting, hunting, target practice at the range, etc. The problem is the people. Bad people are going to do bad s**t regardless of having guns or a knife, homemade explosives, ball bats, hammers, what ever they can get their hands on to have an advantage.

      • Say What

        B, you are correct. I was talking about the articles in the news about how guns are used.

    • WorldGoneCrazy

      Please educate yourself, so that more innocent people don’t have to die in liberal “gun free” zones: guns are used thousands of times a day in the U.S. to protect lives and property, just like in this wonderful example. Many of these times, just the showing of a gun ends the attempted crime and the criminal flees. The fact that you don’t hear about these cases merely means you are glued to the lamestream liberal media, and you are not getting 1% of reality reported to you. Here are the unbiased CDC results from a study that the president himself ordered (spoiler: he did NOT like the results):

  • ?

    I would agree that this is not Obama’s fault. It’s not his fault that people choose welfare as a way to “make a living”. If you can work, get out and get a job. Stop making excuses and blaming your problems on others. That is my soap box on that.

  • Sue

    I am happy that she did not have to deal with this obviously not wanted crazy by herself. Her brother did a GREAT job!!!

  • Steph

    So many times the abuser goes free, due to a number of reasons: the State or attorney fails to meet deadlines in filing paperwork or simply does not COMPLETE paperwork, the abuser is Paroled or on Probation in another state and State Attorney simply doesn’t care to call other State to see why it’s stated that AL case is dropped, or the attorney is so far behind that your case is “not serious” enough (murder & rape are considered”serious”), or the State attorneys are SHORTHANDED! Many articles on Domestic Violence where the abuser has more rights than the VICTIM. After completing an article in college on this topic, you learn so much! But does law really protects the victim or should every female purchase a gun or hire a brother to take care of DV situations that simply falls through the cracks? While texting this message, another victim has just become a statistics of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE somewhere in the U. S.

  • Phillip C Chadwell

    Great job Jason! Now we have to do our jobs and ensure there are no legal issues against Jason for defending his sister. He followed all the right procedures, Called police, locked the door, and when nothing else worked, took out the intruder. 10.0.

  • SB

    What the heck? Is this a soap opera where you a leaving us in suspense…??? Is the brother being charged? What was he doing at the sisters? How old is she? How old is he? Are alcohol/drugs a factor? Was the intruder armed? So many questions… such a poorly written journalistic article…

    • thefilthelement

      You should read the story, she was at the brother’s house. It’s under investigation.

  • Todd Starks

    Well, it’s funny how everyone on this message board has so much to say about this guy, as if they know him personally. Not one of you know this “intruder’s” as you refer to him, situation. I work with Gary and he is a normal guy just like anyone else. He has never shown any kind of violent behavior towards anyone. Gary is not an abusive person as some here have stated. It’s easy to allow the media to guide your judgement of a person, but without fully knowing the person, your judgements and assessments are null and void. This is a media manipulation, in order to create a monster out of someone who is actually a caring father and a great guy whom I’ve worked with for over a year. So, save all of your biased opinions, because all of your heads are in the sand when it comes to this subject matter. I’m not trying to offend anyone, but you guys clearly don’t know what your talking about. People shouldn’t always jump to conclusions when they have no clear understanding of a circumstance, but that’s how we have been programmed to think in this society.

    Just the two cents of someone who knows the guy.

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