Jackson County Leaders Discuss Possibility Of Opening Bellefonte Power Plant

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Jackson County committee is discussing what needs to be done to get the Bellefonte power plant online.

The plant has yet to produce electricity for the Tennessee Valley.

A committee composed of Jackson County leaders is working with the TVA to find out what needs to be done to make that happen.  They say having it operational would be beneficial for the county.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges is on that committee.

“What we locally are really pushing for is that we want something to happen there, whether it be the nuclear plant or whether they organize some other type of construction out there,” Hodges said.

The county gets in lieu of tax funds for every TVA operated property in the county.

Those funds make up a large part of the funding that goes to entities like the Sheriff’s office, schools, volunteer fire departments, and incorporated municipalities.

So having that plant online would help increase those slowly decreasing funds from TVA.

One option would be to have a public-private partnership.

“There are a lot different things that have been mentioned from time to time,” Hodges said. “We would be willing to look and help along with anything to get that plant going whether it be that, whether it be TVA or some other kind of industrial development.”

The committee plans to keep discussing these options with TVA.


  • American

    I wonder if the committee knows that a large cable tenon on the unit 2 reactor building blew off ? I worked at bellefonte and was told this buy several employees . one said “it sounded like a bomb going off ” these wire cables are stationed all around the reactor they are several of them on unit 1 and unit 2 ! Every time it rains the bottom of the OX Building floods you cannot enter the bottom of that building ! The sewer has ran down the hallway in this same building ! The people in this area should ask themselves do we want a 55 chevy with a new paint job but the frame still has no telling how many miles on it ? 600,000 miles for example . Now would anyone in there right mind want a live nuc plant with 600,000 miles on the frame that houses radioactive material ??

    And does the committee know that there is a asbestos dump sit there ?

    Do a little research and you will see these statements are true !

  • American

    I just noticed the picture was taken from the free way across from a field. I wonder why the photographer simply did not drive up to within 200 yards from the plant ? And chose to take his picture from about 2500 yards away ? Anyone can travel the road into bellefonte nuclear plant during the day their is no gaurds or guard shack on the road leading into the plant . Did you know they are working people there that are fellons ? I know this to be a fact ! I worked there and only got drug tested upon hiring ! then worked there a couple of years and never got drug tested again . They said it was random but the guys I know poped pills and drank every evening never got picked ?? Hmmm

    • Diane

      Don’t go putting down the plant just because you no longer work there. Maybe there is a reason you don’t work there anymore. Sounds like to me that you are pretty bitter for some reason. You might of worked with a bunch of pill popping drunks, but everyone that still works here is not like that. I don’t know of anyone that would be considered a “felon”. Why is is such a big deal to you that you are trying to sabatoge the fact that they want to do something with this plant? The people working here now are good family members just trying to make a living for their families. Maybe you should just grow up.

      • American

        Bitter or not grown up or not it doesnt change the fact that I dont want a live nuc plant that is out dated and leaking in my back yard . I have a family as well and do not want this kind of run down plant in my community . Why can I say this now ? Because I have seen what I posted first hand and also heard the reports from the same people you work with (Tenon Explosion) . So are these same good family people people you mention credible for the report ? What about the drug tests ? When I went through the back ground check on the way to widows creek the painter riding next to me leans over and says I hope I can get in . He had been in prison . Well that makes us all feel better .

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