Gov. Bentley To Make Jobs Announcement for Huntsville Tuesday

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WHNT) – Governor Robert Bentley says he will make a jobs announcement Tuesday that impacts Huntsville.

Bentley’s press office did not give specifics, only saying the project will mainly impact Huntsville but will create jobs in all areas of Alabama.

The announcement is Tuesday at 3 p.m. in the Old House Chamber at the Alabama State Capitol. Company executives and local leaders will join the governor for the announcement.

Mayor Tommy Battle will be in Montgomery for the announcement. ┬áHe declined to go into more detail about the project with The Huntsville Times/, but said “it is significant for the Tennessee Valley.”

WHNT News 19 will bring you more details as soon as the announcement is made.


  • Say What

    Looks like we will find out about another company shaking down Alabamians for a handout to locate in our area. It is called extortion when the mob does it, Republicans call it economic incentives!

    • Paul

      Isn’t it wonderful that we’re getting more “JOBS.” The future long term economic benefits far out reach any incentives that go into getting those “JOBS.”

      • Say What

        You are correct, in a way. Why do they need any taxpayer money to create those jobs? I thought the definition of socialism is when government helps businesses make profits and become successful. I thought businesses were suppose to succeed or fail according to the “free market?” The government is picking and choosing the winners when some businesses get taxpayer money and others do not. Why don’t the existing businesses also get some taxpayer money to create more jobs? Isn’t that unfair to the mom and pop stores/businesses since they are not big enough to shakedown the taxpayers? I thought that Republicans were against all that type of stuff? I guess I was wrong. As a great thinker once said — everyone is a socialist when it benefits them!!

  • LAC

    Alabama has to give incentives, or another state will, see vw for an example. The government is not picking winners and losers. The are not bailing them out of a financial mess like the federal government did gm. The are simply giving them a reason to come here instead of another state.

    • Say What

      LAC, you are correct. That makes it even more of a shakedown. These businesses are just pitting one state against another for no reason other than that they can do it to make even more money off the taxpayer’s back. The Tea Party should be all over this type of thing, but they are too busy going after that man in the white House.

      • TruthLivesHere

        I don’t have any problem with an industry that creates jobs getting money off my taxpaying back. I had much rather do that than pay for entitlements for people that won’t work. That’s where my taxpaying back starts to ache.

      • Say What

        The taxpayer’s money that goes to large corporations just increases the profits that leave the state and/or ends up in their oversea accounts. You are smart to prefer that expenditure of your tax money. Those big corporations are laughing all the way to the (foreign) bank!

      • Jon Do

        “Every dollar of welfare is spent at local businesses. That also creates jobs” – If the government is paying to create jobs either way, then you have no reason to complain about the ‘how’. If our state government chooses to invest in infrastructure and incentives for businesses to create jobs, good. Move to Los Angeles, CA if you want to live in a welfare and food stamp city/state – I hear the weather is great (but don’t expect to find a job).

        Additionally, there is no way to prevent welfare dollars from being spent on products from “large corporations” with “profits that leave the state and/or ends up in their oversea account”. I highly doubt that you are exclusively patronizing locally-owned businesses…

      • Say What

        Jon Do, you are correct. That means that corporations are getting taxpayer money from both ends!

        I do not have to leave this area to live in a welfare city/state. As I pointed out before, Alabama is a welfare state. We receive more in federal funds of all types than we pay in taxes.

  • Patrick

    Say What, so negotiation is now illegal??? This is exactly what the free market is. That is why the tea party is not against this. Also why should we look to a democrat to what a republican should like…. Just like all the non christians trying to tell christians how to be christians… crazy.

    • Say What

      Patrick, are you kidding? The free market does not involve the government. If it does, all my conservative friends need to stop bad-mouthing the President as if he is some sort of socialist.

  • DJ

    Wow bringing jobs to Huntsville is a bad thing?I’d say a lot of people unemployed really disagree with you and find your attitude disgraceful.a lot of us actually like to work for a living

  • Bill

    President Obama WILL go down in American History as being the worst President EVER to date. Some will say it’s because he is black…that’s NOT the case. He was the wrong black man to be President. Look at Ben Carson…now he could straighten out this country….he has Leadership abilities!!!! Oh…by the way I’m a WHITE AMERICAN and I feel this country can have a President that ISN’T White.

    • Say What

      That is what they said about President Carter. Now you say it about President Obama. You will say that about some other (with a D in front of their name, or course) President in the future! I bet you call yourself an “independent!” Be careful — your bias is showing!

  • Jon Do

    It is kind of pitiful to see people complaining about using government money to create jobs, especially since I don’t see them complaining about welfare and food stamps – government paying people to do nothing…

  • Bill

    The government handouts are NOW the norm. Children being raised in a home that depends on government handouts thinks this is the way life is. Some how this cycle of government dependency has to be broken!!! It can’t be done over night because it has been allowed to go on for decades. The system needs to start working on a “workfare” type of program. Some states have tried, but the US Government needs to back this type of program.Not with more money, but with assistance in enforcing a way out of this mess. Help people realize their WORTH and STOP handing out money to folks who DON’T give anything in return!!!!!

    • Say What

      Bill, you are right to point out that handouts are the norm. Your mistake is when you say those dependent on the government are poor people. They ones that are addicted to government handouts are corporations. You will support corporate wealthfare because you are so blinded by your hatred for the victims of corporate greed — the low income people.

      More federal funds are spent on the non-poor than are spend on the poor. A large percentage of those receiving help from the government are working. They need help because corporations refuse to pay a living wage. Wages for the working-class have been stagnant for the last several decades, while the income for the top 10% has gone through the roof.

      You go ahead and keep fighting the battles for the wealthy and corporations. I will stand with the victims of crony capitalism — the workers!

      • screw aarp

        prove you data in your statement , or go hiding as you always do ,making a BIG B/S statement ,that you cant backup,with REAL data. I have call you out many times on you socialist B/S. all you do is crawle back into your HOLE.

      • screw aarp

        say OLD B/S, cant prove anything you say, Saul Alinskys trade mark, say thing you cant prove, then when your call out ,call people names.

      • Say What

        Screwy, if I said the sky was blue you would ask for proof. That is the old read herring tactic. When you agree with a post you do not need any proof. Only when you disagree do you ask for proof. That is what fifth grade students do!

        Now, go and use one of your other names and attack my facts some more!

  • Joe Bob

    I am glad that Huntsville is getting more jobs. Those that want a job will have the opportunity to go back to work. Too many people want to work but cannot because of industries going south of the border or overseas. Those looking for a handout will always be looking for a handout. It has become so easy to sit at home and collect a check without lifting a finger. I think if you can get tattoos, cigarettes, beer, and T-bone steaks, you don’t need a welfare check. I work two jobs, and don’t buy any of that. I buy the necessities to get me by. I think the welfare system is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. It pays out way more than it takes in. The government used to take money out of social security to pay for all the entitlements. Now, social security is busted. When the government talks tax cuts, they pick on the elderly and the military. You never hear a politician wanting to cut welfare. I think if you are on welfare, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because in essance, the government is buying votes.

    • Say What

      Joe Bob, the reason that corporate wealthfare is the norm is because corporations have bought the political system. Recent Supreme Court rulings have made that even easier. The corporate wealthfare queens are laughing all the way to the bank because people like you are too busy beating up on poor people to realize that corporations are the ones ripping off the taxpayer! Keep up the good work!

  • christy

    Amen Joe Bob!

    after reading all of the comments I have to say…Say What you are a moron and your kind of thinking is the reason our country is in the shape it’s in.

    I work, raise 2 kids and have never had help. How is it that anyone is better than me to do the same thing? People need to work and take care of themselves…THAT’S WHAT AN ADULT IS SUPPOSED TO DO!

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