Clements Pastor: “Devil, You Picked The Wrong Community!”

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CLEMENTS, Ala. (WHNT) - Communities are starting to rebuild after the storms. One of the primary hubs for relief efforts in Limestone County has been at the Clements Baptist Church. They've fed more than a thousand people a day and converted much of their church into a warehouse of relief supplies for the tornado victims. Sunday was a day of rest and a special worship service at the church. Photojournalists Al Whitaker and Dion Hose teamed up to bring you the story.

Pastor Tim Anderson:

"Our gym has been converted over for the purpose of administrating food and supplies for the homeless and those with damaged homes. I could not tell you the thousands, and I don't mean just one and two thousands, I could not tell you the thousands of people that have been fed out of that kitchen. I cannot tell you the thousands of sacks and hamburgers and hot dogs and pizzas that have gone out of this place to feed the people that were wondering where they were going to get their next meal, where they were going to get their next bottle of water.

And we have those that go out in trucks and take chain saws and literally an hour later people can see their homes, people can see their cars, people can see that it wasn't all gone.

It would be a sin unto God to go on as normal in this church when this community is everything but normal. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to quote the scripture. Faith without works is dead. You cannot claim to have a gospel presentation thats been accepted unless there's something in each and every one of us that wants to go out and do what God has saved us to do.

What the enemy meant for evil, God is going to use for good. I just want to say something, yall help me with this: To the devil, you picked the wrong community. This community will come together and rise back up and rebuild our world, rebuild our community and we'll be better in the days ahead than we ever were in the days behind.

We're going to work in conjunction with Him and what He wants us to do and we're going to be the salt and the light and we're not going to be a city that's set on a hill and a basket over our light. We're going to take it off so people can see there's hope here, there's love here, there's compassion here and whatever you need, the God of Jehovah Jireh and the God of Jehovah Rapha will help you and provide for you right here on this campus. That's what this church has become."

Clements Baptist will reopen their distribution center Monday morning at 9. They'll also open a day care facility for storm victims so parents can continue working around their damaged homes.



  • Nuclear Mike

    I did not realize that Ch19 had become the Religion Channel…prompting that the “Devil/Old One/Satan/Most Evil”s the cause of the weather and the tornadoes that occurr in Alabama.

    Perhaps Chief Meteorologist Jason Simpson/Meteorologist Ben Smith are no longer needed to provide the weather reports & predictions as Pastor Anderson has all the answers for Ch19’s viewers…

    • Savedbygrace

      Wow! What an awesome story! God is so good and CBC is on fire for the Lord! The devil is always at work…nuclear mike…im sorry that you dont see how good God truely is. Come to CBC and you will change your mind its a life changing church!! Praying for the community and CBC to follow were God has lead us to go.

    • debbie

      If Christ’s church is wrong…it doesn’t really matter, eternally speaking. BUT…if YOU are wrong, it’s ALL that matters…time will tell Mike.

    • Michael

      Nuc Mike, your sadly hilarious, you probably won’t realize what you have till five secs after you leave this world.

  • Coxey_resident_

    What a great story in such a bad time! Nuclear Mike….change the channel if you feel too uncomfortable.

  • cuzn409

    After a disastours natural disaster like tornados, hurricanes, fires earth- quakes etc: people of Faith especially Christians are the first responders often days ahead of FEMA and “others”.Most of those “others” are the the take advantage of the situation by absorbing by hook or crook what those really affected by the calamity need to carry them through.

  • someone who knows.

    This is the way i look at it. God keeps his hands on us. But if we don’t obey or a church gets to doing thisngs for the wrong reasons i belive God takes his hands off and let’s thngs happen . TO WAKE US UP !!! . The pastor might want to rephrase his sentence. Remember when a preacher says something or does something he has 3 fingers pointing back at him


    Remember THE DEVIL DID IT YES. but GOD lifted his hand for a reason.

  • Truthbetold

    Wasn’t it God who made it rain 40 days & nights to get rid of everything and everyone? Now in modern times the weather is a result of the devil? It is obvious this pastor does not know about the religion he preaches about!!! My heart goes out to all who lost their lives, homes and material items. But “the devil” had nothing to do with it! It was the weather. Every individual has to decide who is in charge of the weather. Know your bible pastor, since you are “teacher of the bible”. Religion is in place to control the masses. This is a perfect example.

  • memberofCBC

    Wow! Only a heartless person could find something negative to say about this situation at a time like this. Really?? Our Pastor has the greatest gift of encouragement and he spoke love & compassion & hope yesterday to a community & congregation that is hurting. And Sir or Mam – if you’ve ever been through anything near what these precious people have—you would understand—that “the Devil” would want nothing more than to see these people give up and wallow in hopelessness….But Our Pastor – encouraged them and others assuring them that people care and that most of all God cares for them and we will get through this. I pray for you if you can’t appreciate that. We love our pastor –he has been out in the trenches this week alongside people cleaning, working, helping, loving on people- I pray you know the God that is alive and well in the middle of all the devastation–for without Him there would be no hope. We are thankful for the many many people from other cities and towns, churches and businesses from all over who have came to help and make donations –its not all about Clements Baptist–we just happen to be blessed with a facility in the community that was spared and people with a heart to serve—it truly is something to see God working and such a blessing to be a part of helping people. May God give you eyes to see all the good that is happening.

  • Sandy Webb

    AMEN!!!! Say it again and again and again. GOD’S NOT DEAD, maybe he was trying to get your attention and mine. We have been prepared for generosity. GO CBC LOVE MY CHURCH!!!!!!!

  • Solmal

    Devastation always brings communities together. Our Lord grieves at the fact that it takes destructive times like these to force us to reach out to one another. God will always continue to reach the lost through well meaning brothers and sisters in Christ. Unfortunately we only call God when calamity hits us. I’ll never forget the aftermath of 911. For awhile our pride was crushed and people became human. But, once again we’ve moved on without God. Our Father’s heart grieves because His children will only cry out to Him when our pride is crushed. CBC thank you for illustrating how God will gladly answer to His people in season and out of season, because He wants no one to perish for not ever knowing Him, even if we only think of Him when we desperately need Him.

  • peggy allen

    I am a member of Wooley Springs Baptist Church and proud of it but I was born and grew up in the Clements Ripley area and this one thing is true—-Tim Anderson is a man of God and he preaches the King James Bible—if your having a hard time believing this then you need to get on your knees and stay there till you get fixed!!! I worked three days at Blue Springs school and have never seen such an outpouring of love from the people who live in this area and from areas all over the country and state! Open your eyes find something to do and don’t waste your time griping!! Keep on keeping on Tim Anderson we are with you !!!

  • cassie

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are pershing,but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. 1Chor 1:18

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