Circus Acrobats Hospitalized After Apparatus Fails in Rhode Island

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PROVIDENCE, RI (CNN) - Circus performances in Providence, Rhode Island were suspended on Sunday after an aerial act went wrong.

Nine Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus performers were among 11 people injured after an apparatus used in their act failed.

Circus spokesman Stephen Payne said eight performers fell when the hair-hang apparatus, which holds performers by their hair, failed.  Another performer was injured on the ground, he said.

The performers were among 11 people hospitalized with injuries related to the accident, Rhode Island Hospital spokeswoman Jill Reuter told CNN. One of those people was listed in critical condition, Reuter said.

It was not immediately clear who the other two victims were.

Eyewitnesses told CNN affiliate WPRI that they saw acrobats up on a type of aerial scaffolding doing a "human chandelier" when a cable snapped.

The circus and local authorities are investigating the incident together, Payne said.

Two other shows scheduled for Sunday were cancelled.

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