Scammer Posing As Sheriff’s Office Investigator

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DEKALB CO. Ala. (WHNT) -- DeKalb County deputies say a scammer is posing as one of them, in an attempt to get money.

"They were saying they were the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office," Chief Deputy Michael Edmondson says.

He's talking about a phone call several residents got this week.

The caller told each resident a warrant was out for his or her arrest.

The caller said it could easily be taken care of though, if the resident sent over some money. "Telling them to send them the money and they would recall the warrant," Chief Deputy Edmondson says.

The caller told residents to send the funds through a money order or Visa Green Dot.

If the money was sent by a deadline, the warrant would be cancelled and that person wouldn't have to go to court.

Edmondson says there's a problem with the scammer's plan though. "Because we're not going to solicit or call anybody and tell them to give us money and we'll take care of their warrant," Chief Deputy Edmondson says, "That's not the way it works. It always works through the court system."

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office says the scammer is targeting middle-aged residents rather than the elderly. Deputies say usually in a scam like this, the elderly are victims.

Deputies say the scammer is also using the same number for each call. "We sent a subpoena to the phone company yesterday, and we tried to follow-up on that and we haven't gotten anything back yet," Chief Deputy Edmondson says.

If you get a phone call that sounds like it could be part of this scam the Sheriff's Office wants to hear from you.

You can reach them at (256) 845 - 3801.


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