Reporter witnesses botched execution: “He was almost trying to move off the gurney”

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  • machine_gunner

    How is this a botched execution. The scumbag is dead. Wouldn’t a botched execution mean the scumbag survived. If this scumbag suffered too bad. He got what he deserved. Now line up the others and start the needles.

    • Me

      Hahha oh my gosh this was exactly what I was thinking. Any day a killer is put to death is a good day if you ask me. Less tax money wasted

    • Say What

      It is called humanity. I know that conservative like you do not care about being humane. In your world, you have to be as cruel, if not more cruel, than those that you want to punish. Everyone is a child of God, even the lowest among us are still his children!

      • Me

        Yeah…because shooting someone in the head or heck even injecting them with poison following a numbing liquid is way more cruel than raping and burying a young woman alive. Get real

      • Another Opinion

        You guys should watch idiocracy. Great theory behind the curtain of cheesy & exaggerated jokes. If you do watch it a couple scenes moght stand out pertaining to this conversation.

      • Say What

        Machine, why are you so silly. Of course we care about the victim – that is why they are executed or put in prison for life without parole! My point (that many of you so full of hate have missed) is that we do not need to lower ourselves to their level. The way many of you sound, you are no less vile and evil as the people that you want to punish! Did you get the point this time!! I doubt it!

      • really

        I have no problem with a humane execution but if it gets botched, oh well. Really SAY WHAT, why are you complaining? You say everyone is a child of God. What about how God punishes them by sending them to hell “where their worm does not die and the fire is not quenched” AND “there will be wailing and nashing of teeth” and this will be for eternity. Yet you call this execution cruel? I think your perspective is a little skewed.

    • machine_gunner

      Say What, liberals don’t care one bit about the victim. Libs don’t want executions because they are heck bend on stopping all executions. You and the libs forget that the poor victim was shot and buried ALIVE. This scumbag got what he deserved. End of story. But as usual you what to live in your ethopia dream world.

  • Bubba

    The trash should have to suffer. I know his victims did! This trash should be treated the same way he treated his victims!

    • Sue

      Yeah it was not your family and he would have continued to have his fun if he was not caught! Maybe it was meant for him to feel a little of the extreme pain that the victim felt! Works for me-no problem!!!

  • Me

    Yeah Say What, just as you are blinded by your ignorance. Try telling that to the families of his victims. What a joke you are… and once again why don’t you go ahead and change your name back to wake up as everyone knows you are the same troll as always

  • Sandra baskins

    I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for him after what he did to his victim! Frankly, he deserved a botched execution!

  • Michael

    I’m a conservative and all for the death penalty, but it should still be done humanely. This was not. We must hold ourselves to a higher standard than the killer, not sink down to his level.

  • Victor

    Did this person not rape and murder a innocent victim? I say he should have got worse. An eye for an eye. If he suffered then maybe he knew how his victim felt when he buried her alive and the way she felt. Maybe his last minutes were as painful as hers.Thugs who this type of stuff should meet a painful end.How would you feel if it was your daughter,wife,or mother he did this to.If he didn’t do evil this would never have happened to him. The revolving door justice system puts these thugs back out into society.Would frying in the electric chair be any more humane?

  • Sue

    There are tons of killers unfortunately who have not been caught and. are not a killer- yet. They look at the “humane” treatment. they will receive. If they kidnap, rape and kill one or how ever many victims there are laws about how they can or cannot be killed. The victim(s) however. does not have people standing there ready to protect and sympathize. The victim. has people later- if the murderer is caught. The victim is all alone facing the horror of no way out and they are going to die a horrible death through NO fault of their own! I see no reason to care if the execution is messed up or not! Remember the victim and hope you are not one yourself or you might not be so forgiving! Put yourself in their place is the way I look at it.

  • tim

    This Monster shot a 19 yr old girl with a shotgun , then buried her while she was still alive….. And some of you left wing nuckleheads dare talk about humanity ? Your insane ! They planned on executing him and he is Dead. Nothing botched about that…

  • tim

    And I hope the family of the victim gets some feeling of justice in knowing that he suffered……

  • Truthbeknown

    You are all missing the point — the point is that the media is by law supposed to witness this process to inform the public. The prison officials violated the process which is regulated by law. Do your research, do you know how many innocent people have been historically executed? The point is that information has been stolen from the public and instead of understanding this very vital issue, you are arguing over this one person. This is about more than just one execution, this is about government and prison secrecy. Wake up people!

  • Sue

    No actually the point is not missed! The media is there to report how long the execution took, killers reaction and last words and when it is finished. If something is wrong then they close the curtain and fix it. As a taxpayer and for public information I personally do not care if he died from the drugs, heart attack or whatever. What I want to know is that he is FINALLY dead and my tax money does not have to pay for him anymore! Whether it is this killer or any other one they got the death penalty for a reason which was horrible crimes they committed! I am tired of working hard to pay taxes and pay for killers for years. If they are proven guilty execute them without years of waiting. If it is botched so what? They torture, rape and kill their victims so why worry about “inhumane” for a MONSTER! As for innocent people getting executing we have DNA and a lot of testing these days. Execute with proven guilt and go on. Sympathy for how they died is no comparison to the torture innocent victims go through. NO sympathy here for evil murderers. They deserve anything they get!!!

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