It Can Handle A Jet Engine: Local Storm Shelter Company Introduces Newest Anchoring Model

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- A local storm shelter is demonstrating their newest anchoring model.

"This is new. There is no other sheltering company doing this as we speak," Valley Storm Shelters spokesperson Monte Knight says, "We are the only ones who have this installation."

Off of Highway 72 near Scottsboro in a remote area, representatives and owners of Valley Storm Shelters are showing what exactly their latest anchoring model can do.

"We have a really unique anchoring system that we just engineered, it's a core drill system," Knight says.

A series of bolts, hooks, and concrete anchor the shelter into a garage or patio, and it's anchored in so deep, company leaders are confident of what it can withstand.

A chain, wrapped around the shelter, is hooked to an engine that is capable of producing 700-plus mile an hour winds.

The company's owners turned that blast on full force just feet away from the shelter.

Another demonstration - a remote-controlled car hurtled toward the shelter at top speed before crashing into it.

Knight says that shows what the shelter and the anchoring system can withstand. "When we install this shelter inside your garage it can take a very, very, very serious lick."

He says the goal is to give its owners a piece of mind when severe weather strikes.

Knight says the new model can handle more than what a storm can produce, so he says there's no doubt it can keep the people in it protected.

Valley Storm Shelters has a showroom in Madison. To learn more, follow this link. 


  • Paul

    This is just advertising and their costs are several thousands of dollars more then what you really have to pay. I researched out 6-8 different supplies and found you can get an F5 tested shelter for a couple of thousand dollars less with just as much protection.



    • Paul

      Yes I did. I still believe it’s an advertising thing. I have recently installed a storm shelter from another company and if you’d like to see that anchoring system your welcome to come by and see. They all put supper anchoring systems in that meet FEMA standards. There are limits in the amount of concrete in garage floors and technically that’s what will limit how they anchor. But all are good if they want to keep their FEMA certification.

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