‘Dusk til Dawn’ Curfew in Place for Tornado Affected Areas of Limestone County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. (WHNT) – Sheriff Mike Blakely has imposed a curfew in the tornado affected areas of southwest Limestone County.

This curfew will be from dusk until dawn for everyone in areas damaged by the tornado, other than the citizens who reside in these areas and emergency personnel. Hwy 72 will remain open for traffic during this time, however.

Blakely said Limestone County has not had any problems with looting, but as his office starts to decrease the presence of the number of law enforcement officers in these areas, a curfew will give them a greater ability to protect citizens’ unsecured properties.

Blakely asks for the cooperation of residents during this time. He says anyone traveling in these areas during the curfew is subject to being stopped and detained.

There is no word yet on when the curfew will be lifted.


  • Michael

    Don’t like the idea of government issued curfews. No matter how bad a storm is this should still be a free enough country to decide your own personal curfew.

    • Michael

      LOL if you think looters are actually going to stop and think “Well gee golly, theres a curfew in effect. I guess I can’t be looting then.”

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