Dog found alive six months after it was supposedly euthanized

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FORT WORTH, Texas (CBS News) – A Texas family is accusing a veterinarian of keeping their dog imprisoned in a cage and using it for blood transfusions for six months after they thought their pet had been euthanized due to health problems.

The dog’s owner said she had given Dr. Lou Tierce of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic in Forth Worth permission to euthanize her then 4-year-old Leonberger, Sid, last October because the veterinarian told her the dog had a degenerative health condition, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reported.

But last week, Marian Harris heard from a former employee of the vet’s clinic, who told her Sid was still alive.

“The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions,” Harris said. “There’s anger, there’s joy that you have your dog back, there’s betrayal of this intense trust. And so it’s just really hard to camp on one particular emotion.”

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  • rebecca washington

    The vet should be brought up on any charges that will stick. The poor dog suffered for 6 months, the vet should have to suffer atleast that long…

  • Sue

    Unbelievably cruel to this beautiful dog and his family! He should no longer be a vet! He stole this pet and used him for his own good telling the owners he was sick? So he was not sick just was a ginny pig for experiments! Outraged! Your pets trust you to do the right thing by them and probably wondered why you let this happen not knowing you did not know. Putting a pet to sleep by the vet is so painful it tears you apart! This is the ultimate betrayal of all times!

  • mamac

    This makes me sick.. I know if it was me It would be a lot of emotion..But after being reunited then I would have to go up to the so called vet and smack right in the face…I am not a mean person..I just love animals more than people..And this is sickening..Shame shame shame let’s go get the piece of crap and do him the exact same way..

    • HansJurgen

      That’s what has me confused. If you care enough about your pet, you would be there to comfort until that last breath. Instead they dumped their dog and walked away – pretty sad.

      • Sue

        It is a very sad day when a pet is sick and this has to be done. First I get a second opinion unless it is obvious they cannot stand going through testing again. Then I take them home as long as they are not in obvious pain. I give them every chance to stay alive and with me in case the vet(s) are wrong. Why not give them a chance to stay where they want to be ? When it is time I NEVER ok anything without being there and staying with them! Because they deserve to have someone there who loves them…and because I have heard sometimes vets use pets to experiment and further their knowledge of diseases. They always suggest you leave the room because it is hard on you. Actually it is devastating for me but it is a lot worse for my pet.

      • jojo98

        they were told the pet had a spinal problem. What sick and inhumane person would want to watch their pet suffer every move they made just because they couldn’t let their pet go. if i love my pet then i will want to do whats best for the pet and sometimes that just simply means putting them down.

  • Linda Marks Rogers

    He should be kept in a cage for that long and be made to undergo that same treatment. This is horrid and I’m sure goes against the oath that he took when he became a vet just like doctors do. We had a vet like that once and could not prove it. We just don’t go back to his clinic and do not recommend him to anyone. My heart goes out to these people and I hope that the dog will be okay. I also agree with Dee. I would never have let my dog just die. I would have been there for him.

  • mamac

    whnt 19 must not like my comments.ain’t nothing wrong with them..just like the rest of these posted..posted mine this morning and the little yes i agrees are posted but that is it…

  • B

    That’s absolutely terrible! The vetenarian should lose his liscenes immediately and really deserves jail time!!! I would be outraged!!!!

  • mamac

    I had to have my doggie put to sleep but I tell you I had the vet put him in a baggie and we had a funeral and we all cries like babies.This vet or to be a shamed.Never use him again. And if he moves out fliers out what he has done.Cause he will do it to someone else best friend.Shame Shame Shame…

  • Heather Bailey-McKinney

    Years ago I got hired to be a vet-tech assistant. While I was being given the tour of the vet clinic I was told one dog was used for blood transfusions. I couldn’t bare the thought of seeing this dog caged up everyday. I politey never showed up for my first day of work.
    I wonder if this is common practice in vet offices.

  • Rose

    I’m not mad at the vet for this because I don’t know the whole story. If he actually told the family the dog could not be saved, that was bad. But I have a friend who is a vet, a lot of people would rather put a pet down than spend the money to save them, even if the pet can be saved. So if the situation was something like that, the vet should be called a hero and the family should not get the dog back. However, I cannot make an judgement from the few sentences in that article.

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