Unrestrained Child Fighting for Life After Car Accident

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – A traffic accident left an infant with life threatening injuries Wednesday morning.

A southbound pick-up truck making a left turn onto Mt. Gap Rd. from Memorial Parkway turned in front of a northbound SUV and resulted in a head-on collision, according to a police report.

The report says a two-week-old baby was riding in the lap of her mother in the SUV. The two-week-old was not in a child restraint and suffered from life-threatening injuries. The baby’s mother was not wearing a seat belt and was also taken to Huntsville Hospital.

The drivers of the two vehicles were also transported to the hospital.

This case remains under investigation by Huntsville Police.


  • AMG

    Who in their right mind would do something like this? You don’t hold a baby in your lap while riding in a vehicle, #1 it’s against the law!!! I’m sure they have a baby car seat, so why wasn’t it being used??? I hope both are okay and that mother gets a second chance to buckle up her baby…

    • Skillpot

      What did we do before seat belts?

      It is just impossible to help ‘smart people!’

      I fought with my children about the use of seat belts, then comes along the first grandchild, and guess what? Right on, my daughter, and SIL did not practice use of seat belts!

  • Say What

    If you want to slow down this type of idiocy, you must charge her to the fullest extent of the law!

  • Colleen Robinson

    A two WEEK old baby!!!!! um not in a car seat and mama was not even wearing a seatbelt!!!! stupid moronic thing to do…. I say CHARGE THEM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT!!! Get a bloody baby seat!!!!!!!!

  • Gwen Campbell

    I am curious also if they were test driving a car, why the car dealer let them leave the lot with no car seat.? Prayers for this baby!

  • Pj

    Also is that a city work truck that pulled out in front of them?? I have seen them speeding and zipping in and out of traffic so it would not surprise me. My prayers are with the families of both drivers and that precious innocent baby.

  • You-know-who

    Why you anyone in their right mind not have their newborn baby in a car seat and to make it worse in their lap…..I pray that baby survives and then left with loving family who would put that baby in a car seat.

  • Janos Poleretzky

    The payment for ignorance and misjudgement was payed in full. No need to make judgemental comments as the eyes of our savior peers upon us. None of our opinions will serve this family relief from pain and suffering. Please pray-

  • Alisa

    Just wondering, WAFF 48 is saying it was a two year old in the mothers lap. Does anyone know for sure how old the child really is?

  • Janos Poleretzky

    It is unfortunate that we has so many misguided lost souls in this comment section who have no vision . If the victims were looked upon as members of your own family then compassion of the heart will reveal itself. Compassion is an uncommon attribute and defines a human being irregardless of religious denomination or non christian beliefs. Everyone has a right to worship themselfs and spew out hatred. Value the good life.

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